Where to Find a Date in Memphis

If you're tired of the same old bar scene, there are a lot of other great places in Memphis to find a date. Check them out below and please be sure to email me with your suggestions and success stories!

Coffee Shops:

From the big chains to the eclectic little shops, there are coffee houses all over the city. People of every age, race, and profession frequent these shops, making them a great place to meet people. In addition, a coffee shop is the kind of place where you can hang out by yourself; it is, of course, always easier to meet a potential date if you're not surrounded by a group of friends. To get started, check out this list of Memphis' best coffee houses.


The experts agree that couples with similar faiths often have higher success rates than couples whose beliefs are very different. That is why places of worship can be such a great place to meet a date. Many churches have singles organizations or other small groups to help meeting people easier. If you don't already have a church of your own, check out these profiles of Memphis area places of worship.


Gone are the days when meeting someone online meant settling for a long-distance relationship. Now, there are thousands of people right here in the Memphis area that are looking for a date, a relationship, or even a soulmate. If you're not sure if Internet or app dating is for you, many online dating services offer a free trial. Some popular sites and apps include OKCupid, Bumble, Match.com, or Tinder.

Meetup.com is active in Memphis, with chances for outings to meet people with similar interests.

Book Stores:

Book stores can be a great place to meet a potential date. Looking for a computer geek? Hang out in the technology section. Want to meet the literary type? Browse through the classics. To top it all off, many book stores have in-house coffee shops or cafes, giving you a comfortable place to sit back and wait for Mr. or Ms. Right. To find a book store to fit your needs, check out the top 10 book stores in the Memphis area.


Even if you are long past your school days, you can still go to class to meet that special someone. Continuing education courses are great because you can meet someone with similar interests. Or, you could pick a class that is likely to be full of the type of person you hope to meet, even if you're not necessarily interested in the subject matter. You might learn something new and you might find a date in the process!

Speed Dating:

Speed dating is a fun way to have several dates in one night. Though each program is different it basically works like this: Either men or women are seated at tables while the opposite sex rotates from one table to the next, spending a few minutes talking with each date. If a participant is interested in getting to know someone better, they submit that person's name at the end of the night. People who are mutually interested in one another have the opportunity to make contact. Check out these speed dating Memphis area events.


Fitness Clubs:

Fitness clubs and gyms have become places to socialize as well as places to get in shape. The downside to meeting potential dates at the gym though, is that you are likely to be in sweaty workout garb when you do. Then again, they will, too. There are many workout facilities in the Memphis area. To help choose one that is right for you, read more about Memphis' top fitness centers.


When you volunteer, you often work alongside other people who are just as passionate as you are. Organizations like Volunteer Odyssey help pair your with a volunteering opportunity that matches your interests, and also host monthly group Voluncheers events. Whatever your cause, you are sure to meet interesting people.

Updated September 2017