Find Garage Sales in Oklahoma City

Did you know that if you have a legally-required Oklahoma City garage sale permit, you are automatically and without charge placed on the city's metro-wide garage sale listing? Garage sale enthusiasts can use the city's tracking maps to find garage sales all across Oklahoma City.

Here's how to find garage sales in Oklahoma City:

  • Go to the city's Garage Sale listing page.
  • Scroll down to the map. You may need to install a Microsoft program to view the map.
  • View garage sale locations by clicking on the house icons on the map.
  • You can enter your address into the search box, and the map will zoom to a one mile area.
  • Or, simply view the full list of addresses at the bottom of the page. Clicking one will zoom the map to show that location.
  • The listing shows permit start/end date.

Garage sale listings on the Oklahoma City website are available for locations with permits issued for the next 7 days, but the city does not guarantee there will actually be a sale at that location.

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