Montreal Gym Scene: Find a Montreal Gym For Your Budget

Club Sportif MAA
Club Sportif MAA. Courtesy of Club Sportif MAA

​There's a Montreal gym for every budget and taste in this town. Find one that works for you. Start your fitness centre search with the following reputable clubs, roughly categorized by price.

Montreal's High-End Gyms

The following Montreal gyms offer an exclusive, high-end, full service health club experience, from spa services to the latest fitness trends.

  • Club Sportif MAA
    A health club with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge fitness programs like Miranda Esmonde-White's Classical Stretch. For beginners as well as seasoned fitness buffs, the MAA offers cardio and weight training areas, group exercise, nutrition consultations, personal training, private lockers, laundry service, pool access, squash courts, dance programs, spa treatments and access to 120 other prestigious health clubs around the world.
    Where: 2070 Peel
    Getting There: Peel Metro
    More INFO: (514) 845-2233
  • Le Gym Urbain
    In addition to regular gym features, Le Gym Urbain doubles as a spa with anti-cellulite treatments and as a soft medicine clinic with hypnotherapy sessions, naturopathy consultations and more. No frills basic access to cardio and weight training equipment starts at $60 a month.
    Where: 1424 Bishop
    Getting There: Guy-Concordia Metro
    More INFO: (514) 845-4879
  • Club Athlétique Mansfield
    With three locations in the greater Montreal area, the Mansfield Club's downtown branch is located in the former Loew's movie theater, making for a unique workout space. The building as well as its interior design offers a stunning, even inspiring, setting to get in shape. And the Mansfield Club claims you'll never have to wait to use their cardio machines, equipped with Cable TV, DVD and CD players. Individual as well as group personal training, Mansfield also proposes tai chiyoga, pilates, spinning, and other group classes and access to 360 24-hour fitness centres in the United States, all included in the membership fee. An in-house spa, health clinic, Peak Centre and other services available on request.
    Where: 1230 Mansfield
    Getting There: McGill or Bonaventure Metro
    More INFO: (514) 390-1230
  • Le Sporting Club Sanctuaire
    Le Sporting Club Sanctuaire dubs itself as a social sports resort where members get to know each other in addition to using Le Sanctuaire's varied facilities: indoor and outdoor tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools, squash courts, cardio equipment, weight room and indoor track. Social events are commonplace and access to cardio dance, yoga and Pilates classes are included in the membership fee. Other services include spa treatments, aquatics programs and personal training. Childcare services are also available for busy parents and management will even delve into event coordination for members planning wedding receptions, corporate activities and other events requiring the use of their Les Jardins du Boisé banquet hall.
    Where: 6105 ave du Boisé
    Getting There: Plamondon Metro, Bus 161
    More INFO: (514) 737-0000
  • DBS Fitness Concepts
    Personal trainer David Snively -- he used to have an exercise show on CTV (or was it CBC) in the 80s -- and his team of elite personal trainers offer one-on-one or small group training sessions in their private gym, at client homes or at the office.
    Where: 4904 Jean-Talon West, Suite 250
    Getting There: Namur Metro
    More INFO: (514) 344-3532


Mid-Range Gyms in Montreal

The following reputable Montreal gyms generally offer a wide array of services, facilities and group exercise activities at mid-range prices.

  • YMCA
    The YMCA, a charitable organization with a mission to enhance community life and help the less fortunate, offers a variety of health club services at their nine Montreal locations, including indoor pool access, squash courts, tennis courts and fitness classes as well as weight-training and cardio equipment. It's a particularly suitable atmosphere for beginners, people who want to wear their old workout clothes or who simply can't afford the latest fashionable fitness gear, sociable personalities and socially isolated community members who would like to work out in a friendly, non-judgmental, even neighborly environment. The more anonymous, I-just-want-to-work-out-and-go types might find the YMCA's neighborhoody/how-are-the-Joneses side a little stifling in the long run. But that culture varies by centre and time of day.
    Where: several locations
    More INFO: call the YMCA closest to you
  • Énergie Cardio
    A fitness centre chain with several locations all over Montreal, Énergie Cardio offers group fitness classes and access to state of the art cardio and weight training equipment. A quick note: I almost joined the Beaubien/St. Hubert location once but when I found out that I could use equipment only 20 minutes at a time (maybe that branch changed its policy recently?), I decided not to chance the irritation of coordinating a 60-minute cardio session with possible waiting lists for cardio machines during busy times.
    Where: several locations
    More INFO: 1 (877) ENERGIE
  • Nautilus Plus
    A fitness centre chain with several locations all over Montreal, Nautilus Plus offers a wide array of services, classes and personal training options with a well-trained staff in addition to cardio and weight training equipment.
    Where: several locations
    More INFO: (514) 666-5814
  • CEPSUM Université de Montréal
    What's interesting about CEPSUM is the breadth of activities available on site. In addition to cardio and weight training facilities, CEPSUM has a pool, skating rink, tennis courts, squash court and rock climbing installations. The prices, while not dirt cheap, are well worth the money. Right beside Édouard-Montpetit Metro, the only drawback is for unilingual anglophones. Service in English may not always be available.
    Where: 2100 Édouard-Montpetit
    Get There: Édouard-Montpetit Metro
    More INFO: (514) 343-6150
  • Curves
    A woman-only circuit training system, Curves proposes a 30-minute mix of aerobics and strength training using hydraulics they claim burns 500 calories per session. Paige Waehner,'s Guide to Exercise, recommends the Curves program for beginners, especially for women feeling intimidated by the fitness centre experience. But Paige cautions that Curves offers a limited program in the long run, one that could lead to exercise boredom and weight loss plateaus. Still, it's a great starting point for women looking for a lifestyle change.
    Where: several locations
    More INFO: consult the website to find the Curves closest to you
  • Pro Gym
    Pro Gym offers competitive prices and flexible opening hours (open 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday; closing 9 p.m. Saturday; 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday, opens 5:30 a.m. Monday). Pro Gym also offers a convenient daycare service for members with kids 12 and under. Great for single parents!
    Where: 4500, Hochelaga
    Get There: Pie-IX Metro
    More INFO: (514) 252-8704
  • Club La Cité
    Club La Cité has a bit of see and be seen reputation and encourages mingling, organizing social events for members to get to know each other in addition to offering a unique perk: a heated outdoor pool, accessible year-round, even during winter's coldest months. Spa services, personal training, tanning beds and group fitness classes are also available.
    Where: 3575 avenue du Parc
    Get There: Place-des-Arts Metro
    More INFO: (514) 288-8221

And here's a few more Montreal fitness centres that might be of interest:

Affordable Montreal Gyms

Joining a gym can be expensive. But the fitness centres below offer competitive prices perfect for someone on a tight budget. For more affordable options in addition to the ones below, check out Montreal's university and CEGEP sports centres, like at Dawson College. Most are open to the public, and while not always as state-of-the-art as commercial gyms, the prices are generally below average for students and affordable for the public.

  • Concordia University Gyms
    Concordia University offers the best bang for your buck of any university in Montreal, proposing great deals for the public. A membership at either Concordia downtown or Loyola campuses costs $60 per school semester per Concordia student ($150 for the public, $120 for Concordia alumni). Coincidentally, the Loyola campus gym is where (your humble guide started a fitness regimen a decade ago at the then student rate of $25 a semester. It changed my life at a tiny price: read my story.
    Where: Downtown Campus: 1515 Ste. Catherine West; Loyola Campus: 7200 Sherbrooke West
    Getting There: Vendôme or Guy-Concordia Metro
    More INFO: Downtown Campus (514) 848-2424, ext. 3860; Loyola Campus (514) 848-2424, ext. 3858
  • Met Gym
    Membership is as low as $140 for a full year. Different membership include either unlimited access to all classes (aerobics, yoga, zumba, pilates, salsa boxing, etc.) or all classes and cardio and weight training facilities. Other fees apply. Women's only gym and mixed gym on location.
    Where: two locations, East End and Montreal North
    Getting There: depends on location
    More INFO: (514) 355-9966
  • Gym Montreal
    While the prices are not dirt cheap per se, the facilities are decent and offered at a price lower than at other well-known commercial health centres. Payment options are more flexible as well (e.g., year plans at $360, three-month plans at $125 and pay-as you go one-month plans for $55) which is great for beginners not sure if they want to commit to a full year or for people who are often out of town. The gym is a three-floor setup, large enough to eliminate wait times for equipment. The hours -- 24 hours on weekdays, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekends -- are also more convenient than at most gyms. Overall, a suitable no-frills cardio/weights fitness centre for a serious, no frills, budget-conscious health enthusiast in need of a downtown location.
    Where: 680 Ste. Catherine West, 3rd Floor
    Getting There: McGill Metro
    More INFO: (514) 875-2766
  • YMCA
    The prices are mid-end, comparable to commercial fitness giants but the YMCA's nine Montreal locations propose a sliding scale. Unlike competitors, the Y is charitable organization with a mission to enhance community life and in that spirit, it won't shun potential members experiencing financial difficulty. Ask your local Y about their Access for All program that gives discounts to community members in need. You'll need to bring your lease, latest tax return information, and other documents that prove your precarious economic situation. Another way of getting really affordable access to the Y's facilities (weight room, pool, squash court, aerobics classes, etc.) is to ask about their volunteering program: a weekly time commitment is agreed upon and volunteers must then honor that commitment in order to retain discount privileges. This option is particularly attractive for people looking for ways to feel more involved in their community and join a new social circle. It's a great CV filler too.
    Where: several locations
    More INFO: call the YMCA closest to you
  • Fitness Life Gym
    I can't recall the last time I heard of a deal like this, if ever. Prices go as low as $100 for a year. Open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., membership gives all-inclusive access to the 20,000 square foot weight room, cardio machines, and all of their fitness classes (yoga, belly dancing, aerobics, step, etc.)
    Where: 680 Ste. Catherine West
    Getting There: Place-des-Arts Metro
    More INFO: (514) 871-1111