How to Find A Lost Pet in Mecklenburg County

What To Do When Your Pet Runs Away in Charlotte

Lost Dogs in Charlotte

Losing a family pet can be a sad and stressful experience. For many people, a pet is like a member of the family. If your pet goes missing in Charlotte or another part of Mecklenburg County, you do actually have some options for tracking your pet down.

The first thing you should do if you've lost your pet in Mecklenburg County is to call the county information line at 311. They will put you in contact with Mecklenburg County animal control. You will also want to visit Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Control in person at 8315 Byrum Drive and look through sheltered animals there. Animal control strongly recommends not e-mailing about your pet. Due to space restrictions, pets are only held for three days, and it often may take longer than that to respond to an e-mail. If you do see your pet at the shelter, you'll need to show some kind of proof (a photo or other documentation) that the pet is yours before it can be claimed. The cities of Davidson, Huntersville, Matthews and Cornelius all have their own animal control. If your pet is missing in one of those cities, check with your local police department.

It's always a good idea to keep identifying information on your pet. If a stray is brought into animal control in Charlotte with contact information or a microchip, animal control makes every effort to contact the owner before any other actions are taken.

Animal control also has a website that lists pets available for adoption. Check this website often, as it is updated multiple times a day. Your found pet may be on this list, and it's important to work quickly. Click the appropriate animal to search for stray and found pets in Charlotte.

If you see your pet on this site, write down the ID number and take it to animal control in person. You will also need proof that the animal is yours (this can be vet records or even photos of you with the animal). There's a process to reclaim your pet from animal control that includes providing your identification, the pet's rabies vaccination information, and more. Click here for details on the process of reclaiming a pet from animal control.

Aside from contacting animal control here in Charlotte, there are several other steps you can take. For starters, you can make a flyer here. E-mail that flyer to, and it will be posted to the county's animal control Facebook page.

When your pet goes missing, the tried and true flyers around your neighborhood is often the best bet, but thanks to technology, a post in your town's buy/sell Facebook groups is another great option.

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