Fiesta Carnival-Fiesta San Antonio 2010 Carnival

2010 Fiesta Carnival in San Antonio

The carnival is one of the biggest events during San Antonio's annual Fiesta celebration. It generally is one of the first events to begin the events and one of the last to close up. It is open each day during Fiesta and can provide hours of entertainment for not just kids, but adults, too. Here is a rundown of location, ticket, entertainment, and ride information.

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The Alamodome Parking Lot C is the location of this year's carnival. The link above will take you directly to MapQuest, where you simply fill in your home address (or whatever address you are leaving from) and it will give you directions straight to the Alamodome.

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VIA Park and Ride Service

Why drive downtown and search endlessly for parking when you can park at Crossroads Mall for free and take the bus? The Park and Ride link above gives you information about drop-off points and other Fiesta Events you can use Park and Ride to and from.

Fee: $5 full fare (round trip), $2.50 Half fare.

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Ride Specials and Wristbands

Instead of buying tickets for each and every ride you want to go on, try a wristband instead. For frequent riders, this is a very economical way to enjoy yourself.

Cost: Monday-Friday $20, Sat and Sun $22

Available at HEB stores.

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Ride Height Requirements

Not all rides are meant for all ages. Though almost anyone can ride the ferris wheel, not everyone can ride the Go-Gator. Click the link above to see all Fiesta carnival rides, what they do and how tall you have to be to ride. This will help you plan accordingly and get the most out of your trip to the carnival.