Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort in Cancun

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    Best Location in Cancun: Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa

    ••• Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach perches on Cancun's best beach. ©Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa Cancun

    First, Why Consider Mexico's Caribbean playground, Cancun?

    A short nonstop flight from much of the U.S., Cancun is America’s #1 foreign getaway destination.
    • And if you immediately think "Cancun i for spring break," that's an obsolete cliché; today's Cancun houses a range of luxury resorts, all-inclusive and not 
    • There's lots to do beyond the dazzling beach, like swim with mammoth whale sharks

    Sold on Cancun? Consider Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa 

    Long name, short explanation: Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort Cancun is an AAA Four-Diamond hotel that offers a lot: a vast beach, varied dining, recreational options, a glam spa.
    The resort's most unique aspect: its location in the heart of the club district, so you can walk to nightlife, and not have to suffer Cancun's terrible taxi jams.
    • This well-managed resort was established in 1990 by Mexico's Grupo Posadas, which also owns the elegant all-inclusive resort, Live Aqua...MORE Cancun

    This Hotel is Not All-Inclusive

    This resort is not an all-inclusive, like most Cancun hotels. The resort has its own version of "value-added" pricing, though: a $1,000 (U.S.) resort credit for stays of at least five nights, with freebies like a spa dinner, hydrotherapy access, beach cabana, and more

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    Will You Like Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa in Cancun?

    ••• Do you like feeling like a VIP? Then you'll love staying on this hotel's Grand Club floor, with complimentary breakfast, booze, and views in the Grand Lounge. ©Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa Cancun

    Will Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa Cancun Be for You?

    You will like probably like staying at this resort if:

    • You want to be on a prime stretch of Cancun beach
    • Cancun's nightlife is a big draw for you, and you want a hotel in the thick of the club (considering Cancun's tragic traffic, a good plan!)
    • You're not into all-inclusive resorts
    • You're done with small rooms and want an all-suites hotel
    • You're not a design maven, and don't require a cutting-edge hotel
    • You want a complete resort with almost everything you want to do right on-property: diverse dining, bars and clubs, a spa, land and water sports
    • You're traveling with kids and need a family-friendly hotel
    • You seek a social hotel with a buzzy lobby and lots of on-site bars, cafés, and clubs
    • You want a hotel with a Club Floor and Club Lounge
    • You'd be into exploring quiet Isla Mujeres; the ferry is next door

    Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort may not be your ideal Cancun getaway if:

    • You...MORE prefer carefree, pay-once all-inclusive pricing
    • You love fashionable new resorts with a chic design hotel look (which you won't get here)
    • Or you want a cozy boutique hotel (this property is 602 rooms)
    • You don't like mixing with convention-and-conference guests
    • Or with families, and seek an adults-only resort for a couple's vacation or a friends' getaway
    • You want to escape from it all to a quiet, verdant resort, not a busy hotel like this, in Cancun's most happening area

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    All Rooms Are Suites at Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Cancun

    ••• Life is veiw-tiful: a Master Suit at ©Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa Cancun. ©Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa Cancun

    All Suites, All the Time at this Resort

    All 602 accommodations here are ocean-view suites. These cocoons of comfort and gracious living feature:

    • King or two queen beds sheathed in a silky cotton duvet, with a selection of pillows
    • Cool, handsome marble floors
    • Large bathroom with soaking tub/shower, partitioned john, expansive counter space
    • Vast double closet and plenty of drawers and countertops
    • Coffeemaker, safe, iron, hairdryer
    • A step-down living area with comfy couch, easy chairs, coffee table, desk
    • A good-size, furnished terrace overlooking the pool and the Caribbean
    • Drawbacks: water is for purchase; the complimentary level of wifi can be weak,  rooms are good-looking but not the last word in chic
    • Tip: the quietest rooms are the farthest from the elevator

    Four levels of suites range from 530 feet for a junior suite up to...

    Two Presidential Suites: 5,410 Square Feet of Fabulosity

    • These two-bedroom duplexes are regally appointed
    • Features include massive outdoor deck, private pool, chef's...MORE kitchen, seasonal artworks, and more

    The Pick: Grand Club Suites, the Hotel's VIP Club Level

    Not traveling with an entourage? The hotel's 80 spacious Grand Club Suites are just right. They're not extravagant, but offer amenities like fresh flowers and evening snacks.

    Their best perk: access to the hotel's VIP lounge, called the Grand Club. Find out: is a club-floor upgrade worth it to you?

    • The penthouse Grand Club is open long hours, offering breakfast, ongoing snacks, liquor service, strong wifi, and Cancun's best cappuccino
    • The Grand Club opened an irresistible private beach deck in 2015 with sun, shade, margaritas on demand, and never a check to sign

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    Restaurants & Bars at Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort Cancun

    ••• La Joya restaurant is profoundly Mexican in ambiance and flavor. And its tequila tasting is no to be missed. ©Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa Cancun

    Restaurants at Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach

    Guests have their pick of numerous resort restaurants, bars, and lounges.

    • Hotel restaurants offer a kids' menu

    Le Basilic is a star of Cancun dining, known to foodies in Mexico and beyond.

    • It is one of only seven restaurants in Mexico to possess AAA's Five Diamond Award
    • Chef Henri Charvet is a native of France, with the rare Master Chef of France designation (Maitre Cuisine de France)

    Le Basilic is thoroughly modern.

    • Its candle-lit, black-and-white interior is like a surrealistic castle
    • It's laden with dreamlike paintings by Mexico City-born Cancun artist Leon Alva
    • The innovative and delicious cuisine marries French creativity with Mexican ingredients
    • An example: Chef Charvet's did-I-just-dream-this? appetizer: chocolate spheres filled with foie gras
    • The menu is a many-course prix fixe
    • Expect a special evening, and dress for it
    • Le Basilic website

    La Joya, the hotel's colorfully designed Mexican restaurant, makes sure that...MORE diners truly experience Mexico.

    • La Joya offers an in-depth tequila tasting that is a must. You'll learn what authentic tequila tastes like, and see for yourself that the expensive stuff isn't necessarily better
    • La Joya produces a nightly show with Mexican musicians and dancers. It may sound corny, but it's home-grown and moving
    • As you might guess, La Joya's food isn't crossover Mexican. It's authentic and great

    Isla Contoy is the hotel's informal beachfront restaurant, open for lunch and dinner.

    • Seating is indoors and out, with endless views of the turquoise Caribbean
    • The menu highlights just-caught seafood, favorite Mexican dishes, and more
    • A special Mayan Meal serves classics of the ancient local culture, including achiote-flavored grilled fish and cochinita pibil, pork wrapped in banana leaves and roasted in a stone pit

    Other hotel dining spots:

    • Viña del Mar is where guests head for seaside breakfast from early morning until noon
    • Coral Café offers European pastries, barista coffee specialties, and other light fare
    • Bikini Beach & Pool is the place for outdoor lunches

    Drinking at Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort Cancun

     Several bars and lounges throughout the resort serve top-shelf spirits and cocktails.

    • And in Cancun, "cocktail" should mean "margarita"
    • The property's bartenders take pride in their 'ritas made with fresh Mexican tropical fruits like papaya, mamey, and sweet mango
    • The Lobby Bar is a comfy lounge featuring excellent live jazz

    Room service at the hotel is 24/7.

    Beach, pools, & things to do atFiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort Cancun >>

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    Beach, Pools, & Other Pursuits at Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach

    ••• Life's a perfect beach and pool at Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa Cancun. ©©Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa Cancun

    This Hotel's Beach Is One of Cancun's Best

    The best beaches in Cancun are those at the top of the peninsula, which is shaped like a number 7. This is where the hotel is set.

    • The private beach is one of Cancun's most secluded, with few beach-walkers and other distractions
    • The beach is wide and long, and framed by palm trees
    • The waters are protected by jetties on both sides, making them calm and ideal for swimming
    • In other words, it's the perfect Cancun beach

    Pools at Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort Cancun

    The pool seems endless, with various sections for swimming, splashing, and lounging.

    • You can enjoy three swim-up bars
    • And waterfall features
    • And hot tubs
    • Private cabanas may be rented by the day or half-day

    Watersports On-Property

    You can do it all right at the resort.

    • Kayaking, snorkeling, jetskiing, paddleboarding
    • During high season, paddleboard lessons are offered twice weekly, free of charge

    The Hotel Gym

    The spa's state-of-the art fitness center is open to all...MORE guests.

    • It overlooks the ocean
    • The gym is not 24/7

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    Gem Spa at Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort Cancun

    A great Cancun spa: Gem Spa at Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach
    ••• Gem Spa's Pool of Sensations is filled with crystal-enhanced water. ©Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa Cancun

    Gem Spa at Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach

    The hotel's spa, opened in 2015, is one of Cancun's most beautiful. Most hotel guests make a point of enjoying at least one service here.

    • The spa is stunningly modern and done in shades of sapphire and amethyst
    • Treatments are inspired by gemstone healing arts, also known as crystal therapy

    The spa occupies nearly 40,000 square feet featuring:

    • Spacious locker areas with private changing rooms
    • A handsome lounge area offering relaxation, teas, and snacks
    • A spa boutique, mani/pedi room, beauty salon, and makeup artists on call
    • 26 treatment rooms, including couple's suites
    • Tip: treatment rooms were built directly underneath the pools' busy pumps and jets, so if you're noise-sensitive, bring earplugs

    The Hydrotherapy Ritual at Coral Beach Gem Spa 

    The spa's hydrotherapy circuit "water ritual" is its signature service. This soothing, 90-minute aquatic experience comprises 10 steps, each with a unique water feature.

    • You'll...MORE be treated to pools and tubs (hot, warm, cool); hydrofoot baths; waterfalls and jets; water-massage beds;steam, dry, and snow saunas; power showers, and more
    • The pools and baths are crafted of handsome gray marble and black granite
    • The water ritual is not self-guided; you'll be shepherded by a solemn staffer
    • The ritual is included with spa treatments, or can be had on its own

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    Amazing Coral KidZ Club at Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort Cancun

    Kids' clubs in Cancun hotels
    ••• The futuristic gaming and video room in Coral KidZ Club, where every young guest has a personal play nook. ©Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort

    Young Guests Love the Fiesta Americana's Coral KidZ Club

    The hotel's Coral KidZ Club opened in 2015 to rave reviews by the pickiest guests: young travelers ages 4 to 12. 

    This indoor club is a win-win for kids to want to be with other youngsters for, and parents who want to relax. Coral KidZ Club covers 50,000 square feet and offeres more than 40 indoor and outdoor activities.

    The club is designed like a kids-only resort-within-a-resort. Kids enter a reception area pulsing with color and excitement. They check in and are given a look around before choosing their play zone.

    Coral KidZ Club Challenges Young Imaginations

    The idea behind Coral KidZ Club is immersive fantasy. Kids get to choose their fantasy environment and live and play in it for a while. They earn points during playtime, which they can "cash in for prizes.

    Among the indoor experiences a kid can have:
    • Playtime in a cityscape, a kitchen, a market, a Mayan pyramid
    • A library that looks like a jungle
    • A futuristic...MORE environment with giant-screen computers, interactive video games, and movies
    •Open Play theater, with a professional stage, dance floor, director's booth, costumes, makeup room
    • Indoor games include a remote-controlled racetrack and a 30-foot interactive LED wall of Mayan mysteries

    Outdoors, kids can enjoy NEOS, a playground with various interactive stations that present fun physical challenges, like a Survivor-style game show.

    You may not see your youngsters till the Coral KidZ Club closes its doors for the night.

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    Connect with Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort Cancun

    Gem Spa Fiesta Americana Grand-Coral Beach Resort in Cancun
    ••• Making waves in spa design: Gem Spa and its relaxation lounge. ©Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa Cancun

    Connect with Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa Cancun

    Hotel website 
    Deals and packages
    • Phone from North America 800.343.7821
    • On Facebook
    • On Twitter (@GrandCoralBeach)
    Tripadvisor reviews
     Find out more about why Cancun is America's #1 foreign getaway

    Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort Cancun
    Blvd Kukulcan Km 9.5 Lote 6
    Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500
    Quintana Roo, Mexico

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