A List of Field Trip Ideas for Preschoolers

A Dozen Ideas for Your Preschooler's Next Field Trip

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Preschool field trips focus on fun but they can bring your kids an educational experience as well. Keep your preschoolers safe while showing them a good time with this list of field trip ideas for preschoolers.

Fire Station

The fire station is an engaging field trip for preschoolers because of the sights and sounds they'll experience when they walk through the door. Preschoolers can meet firefighters, learn basic fire safety rules and even sit behind the wheel of a real fire engine. Contact the station commander at your local fire station to set up a tour.

Police Station

Police officers can be scary to preschoolers but touring a police station will show them how the police are actually there to help and protect them. Officers can show your preschoolers simple ways to protect themselves and how to get help if they feel they're in danger. Contact the station's crime prevention officer.


Preschoolers love going to the zoo. Walking the zoo grounds is an excellent physical activity and visiting the animals is always a treat. Take along your camera to capture pictures and re-visit the animals at home any time with your preschooler.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Preschoolers can learn about a variety of wildlife at sanctuaries. It's also a great place for educators to teach them about the environment, nature and animals that are on the endangered species list. Contact the sanctuary in advance if your group would like a private tour.


All things aquatic will captivate your preschoolers at the aquarium. It's easy to rush through the aquarium with an energetic preschooler but try to slow them down so they don't miss all that the water has to offer them. Call the aquarium director's office to set up a tour.


Preschoolers can get an up-close look at the life of a farmer. They can pet the farm animals, feed them and learn simple agricultural lessons. Contact the farms directly to schedule a tour or contact your state agricultural department to find out more about the farms in your area.

Children's Museum

Not all preschoolers are ready to roam the halls of the great art museums. But they can all burn off some energy while learning about science, technology and exploring their imaginations at children's museums. The museum director can schedule your group for a behind-the-scenes tour.


One of the most basic, yet most fun, ways to have a successful field trip is to arrange a picnic. Bring a ball or even a radio and play classic outdoor games for your picnic field trip.

Grocery Store

The grocery store may seem commonplace for a field trip but when you add in a behind-the-scenes tour, you give children a whole new outlook on how the store brings them their food. Contact the store manager to ask for a guided tour.


Preschoolers will appreciate those treats they love to eat after they visit a bakery. Bakers will be glad to show children how they prepare pastries, doughnuts, breads and more. Larger bakeries have tour information on their websites. For smaller bakeries, call the store directly.

Pumpkin Patch

Fun and games await preschoolers at pumpkin patches. Most pumpkin patches have a variety of activities for preschoolers, such as inflatables, hay rides and pony rides. Visit the pumpkin patch during regular business hours if your group is small or if you would like a private tour, contact the pumpkin patch in advance to schedule an appointment.


You can't go wrong with fresh air and plenty of play space. The park is a perfect field trip because you have so many possibilities. Use the time in the park to teach kids about nature or simply play active games. Unless you're bringing a fairly large group to the park and need to reserve a pavilion, you don't usually have to contact the parks and recreation department in advance. Simply show up and have fun.

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