Field Trip Ideas for Children of All Ages

Looking for fun and educational field trip ideas for children? These age-appropriate field trips give your students a memorable day outside of the school's classroom.

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Field Trip Ideas for Preschoolers

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Preschoolers are often excluded from field trips. However, including these little ones in field trip outings helps get them ready for that first year of school.

This age group is all about having fun and burning off energy. But there are plenty of opportunities to teach preschoolers all about animals, staying safe and other important life lessons through their field trips.

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Field Trip Ideas for Elementary School Students

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Think back to your own childhood and you probably remember your elementary school field trips the most. Today's students make our field trips look lame with all of the resources they have available to them.

Elementary school students are ready to beef up their field trips with outings that help them learn about everything from saving the earth to how things are made. Of course, there are plenty of field trip ideas that will just give them a good time with their classmates too.

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Field Trip Ideas for Middle School Students

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Middle school students are ready to branch out into educational field trips that show them how the business world works, teach them about nature and also give them a fun morning or afternoon. These field trip experiences can also be taken back into the classroom for even more learning opportunities.

Field trips for middle school students now include everything from exploring the behind-the-scenes action at an amusement park to learning about the restaurant industry. Look at field trip ideas that get them excited about entering high school while also opening up their minds to what they could do for a living when they get out of school.

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Field Trip Ideas for High School Students

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High school students are on the cusp of adulthood. Their field trips can introduce them to career opportunities while also giving them carefree time at events that let them blow off some steam just because.

Mix up their field trips so they can have an equal amount of learning time with time to spend with their friends, many whom they won't be seeing for a while after they graduate. It's a great opportunity for kids to be kids while still preparing them to enter adulthood and take their education to the next level.

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Virtual Field Trip Ideas

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Can't get away from the classroom today? Send your students out on a virtual field trip without ever leaving the school building. Within a few clicks, you can take your students everywhere from the White House to The Great Wall of China.

You can even get creative with your virtual field trips and incorporate them into your daily learning activities within the classroom. Learning about New Hampshire? Visit the state's official website for a virtual tour and intro to what the state has to offer. Studying the animals of Africa? Pull up a webcam in Africa focused on the animals passing through the area right now. There's no limit to where you can take your students' minds without them ever leaving the classroom.

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