Festivals to Experience in Honduras

Holy Cross Procession on April 10, 2009 in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. The small mountain town of Santa Rosa de Copan is well known for its traditional Semana Santa celebrations. Spanning a total of four days, a number of religious processions re-enact the events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. On Friday morning the streets of the town are decorated with an impressive array of coloured carpets consisting of sawdust, flowers and seeds. The Holy Cross Procession, which takes place shortly afterwards, is regarded as the most spectacular procession of the week.
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There are tons and tons of festivals and cultural celebrations that take place during the year in Honduras. If you can think of any saint, they probably have a celebration in its honor. This means that it doesn’t matter what time of the year you visit this Central American country, you will probably hear of something fun, colorful and noise going on around you.

Continue reading to find a list of seven of the most popular festivals in Honduras and discover when they happen and learn about what makes them popular. 

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Semana Santa

Semana Santa is a week long celebration. It is never on the same dates, but it is between March or April depending on when Easter falls that year. Santa Rose de Copan is one of the best places to visit in the Honduras mountains during this time of the year. The town is also very close to the Mayan Copan ruins.

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Punta Gorda Festival

Punta Gorda Festival takes place annually on April 12. It is a unique Honduran festival. On this day, people from all over the country get together on the island of Roatan to celebrate a special day for the Garifuna people that live on it. 

It commemorates the day in which 4,000 Garifuna people got to the island of Roatan and started a settlement.

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Feria Juniana

This festival is held during the last week of June in San Pedro Sula. The festival is full of live musical performances, lots of food stalls with traditional dishes and people drinking. You will also be able to enjoy colorful parades.

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National Garifuna Festival

This festival is held on the third weekend of July. It is held in the town of Bajamar, near Puerto Cortes, it hosts a drinking and dancing party.

As the name suggests it celebrates the Garifuna people that live in the country, as well as the Garifuna communities in Belize and Guatemala. 

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San Isidro Fair

This festival is held at the end of every May in the town of La Ceiba. It is the largest festival of the country. During this festival, you will be able to take part in a large number of cultural activities where people wear colorful clothes and paint their faces to celebrate this special and unique festival. It is similar to Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans. 

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Day of the Americas

This festival is held every April 14. Honduras celebrates this Day as a way of showing how proud they are to be a part of the American Continent.

This is a festivity celebrated all over the country but some people have distinct approaches to celebrate this holiday. This day is not celebrated as a national holiday and offices remain open. 

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Independence Day

Just like most of the other Central American countries. Independence Day is celebrated on September 15. This usually involves lots of colorful parades, almost one per town. During this day you will also find lots of food stands on the streets.  

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