Festivals in Spain

Calendar of Events for Spanish Ferias & Fiestas by Month, Type & Region

Dead Man's Corner Bulls running around corner
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Spain is famous for its glorious beaches, fantastic architecture and stunning art and much more. But nothing captures Spain's living culture more than its many, many festivals.

  • With so many excellent festivals, you can cut to the chase and take a look at my Top Ten Festivals in Spain, or read on for an idea of the full variety of what you can expect.

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Religious Festivals: God Has a Lot to Answer For!

The Spanish are not Puritans. Even the most sombre   religious festivals such as Semana Santa (Easter) or Corpus Christi, where you can expect solemn processions and church services, will see some of the less god-fearing taking advantage of a day off work to enjoy a tapas or a glass of wine. 

Dancing in the Calles: Spain's Best Street Parties

Other times the religious aspect is kept to a minimum. A city’s patron saint or other holy celebration evolves into a hopping street parties, such as the ones that every city or village holds every year, the biggest being the Las Fallas Festival in Valencia. Another good one is the Feria de Agosto, Malaga's big festival in August.

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Tomatoes, Bulls and Other Unusual Festivals

Then there are the world famous wacky celebrations of the Tomatina Tomato Fight, perhaps the world’s biggest food fight, the Pamplona Running of the Bulls, wear people with masculinity issues insist on running in front of a pack of angry bovines and more.

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If you're looking for music festivals in Spain, you're in luck. Whether it's traditional Flamenco Festivals, the best being the Bienial in Seville,  classy Jazz Festivals (particularly those in the Basque Country) or cutting-edge Rock, Pop & Dance Festivals.

Other Popular Types of Festival in Spain

  • Bullfighting Festivals in Spain Bullfighting fever in Spain takes hold particularly around the time of the big bullfighting festivals.
  • Film Festivals in Spain The San Sebastian film festival is the most famous, but there are film festivals to please every taste: comic books, horror, gay and lesbian and erotic. 
  • Sport Events in Spain Spain is a leader in world sport. See some of the world’s biggest stars on home turf!
  • Nudist Events in Spain Clothing optional!

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