Houston Festivals

Houston is an incredibly diverse city. That diversity is highlighted in the various festivals and events held in Houston. From hot sauce to parrots, Houston has a festival to celebrate virtually anything imaginable.

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Texas Renaissance Festival

One of Texas' most recognized annual events, the Texas Renaissance Festival runs from October through November. Visitors shouldn't miss an opportunity to attend this unique, eight-week theme park which features period food, music, and entertainment, as well as eight themed weekends.

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Ballunar Liftoff

Clear Lake's Ballunar Liftoff Festival is the "Largest Hot Air Balloon Event in Texas" and features over 80 hot air balloons, the world's largest hot air ballon, skydiving competitions, aerial demonstrations, games, music, food and more.

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Houston Hot Sauce Festival

The Houston Hot Sauce Festival is the Bayou City's showcase event for any type of sauce with a little "kick" in it, including hot sauce, salsa, barbecue sauce, Bloody Mary mix and more.

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Parrot Festival

Sponsored by the National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation, the Parrot Festival has held in Houston annually during the last weekend of January. Experts from around the world speak on topics such as parrot behavior, care, nutrition, and preservation.

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The Original Greek Festival

One of Houston's largest food festivals, the Original Greek Festival has been held on an annual basis since 1966 and serves up a variety of Greek cuisine, including souvlaki, gyros, tiro pita, spanakopita, dolmades and more.

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Houston Italian Festival

For more than a three decades, the Houston Italian Festival has celebrated Italian heritage, culture, and romance. The festival features live entertainment, bocce ball, a grape stomp, pasta eating contest, food and more.​

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South West International Boat Show

Unlike any other boat show in the Houston area, the South West International Boat Show is an open invitation to manufacturers, dealers, brokers and charter companies to participate in a truly international, in-water, boat show.