Festivals in Germany in July

Best Events in July in Germany

Summer is one of the best times to visit Germany. The weather is glorious (most of the time) and festivals are on.

As this is a popular time to travel, be aware that hotel and attractions will be at their most expensive and cities will be close to bursting.

So what all is on in Germany in July? Find out what festivals take place in Germany in July from music and fashion to art and culture.

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    Munich's National Theatre and monument Max I. Joseph
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    Celebrated every summer since 1876, the Munich Opera Festival at the Nationaltheater (among other venues) offers an excellent program of opera and ballet performances throughout June and July.

    The month-long event opens with a choral concert at Michaelskirche. Another highlight is Opera for All where a performance is transmitted live to an outdoor audience at Max-Joseph-Platz.

    Where: Various locations in central Munich 
    When: June 24th – July 28th, 2018

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    Berlin Fashion Week
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    Attention Fashionistas: International designers present their latest collections in Berlin during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (known in German as Berliner Modewoche). Find out what’s "in" at runway shows, trade fairs, exhibitions, and parties.

    Where: Mitte, Berlin
    When: July 3rd - July 7th, 2018

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    Open-air Concert at Gendarmenmarkt
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    Enjoy classic music al fresco at Gendarmenmarkt, one of the most beautiful historic squares in all of Berlin.

    In this festival series, the concerts feature operetta, German and Italian opera, and classical and contemporary music. Check the program for special features and extras like concerts that end with a light show or fireworks.

    All concerts begin at 19:30. Tickets are required.  

    Where: Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin
    When: July 5 - 9th, 2018

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    Christopher Street Day in Köln
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    Cologne is home to one of the oldest and most vibrant gay communities in Germany. Its annual celebration, Cologne Pride, is one of the largest gay and lesbian events in the country.

    Highlights of the festivities include a colorful gay pride parade with more than 120 floats parading through the historic center of Cologne. Parties, panel discussions, and a street festival complete the weekend.

    Where: Center of Cologne
    When: July 8th, 2018

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    Dinkelsbuhl, Germany
    GettyImages /Glenn Van Der Knijff

    Dinkelsbühl is one of the most underrated towns on the Romantic Roadand its Kinderzeche is one of the oldest festivals in the country. Begun in 1897, the festival honors the town's history.

    During the 30 Years War as many small towns were ravaged, Dinkelsbühl was saved by its children. They pleaded before a Swedish colonel and effectively saved the historic town from destruction.

    The festival retells the town's story and traditionally dressed children are given bright bags of sweets during a joyful procession. Adults also put on traditional dress and carry flowers to celebrate their beautiful town. 

    Where: Dinkelsbühl
    When: July 13th - 22nd, 2018

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    Gay Pride Parade Berlin
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    Every summer, Berliners raise their rainbow flags to celebrate Christopher Street Day (CSD) with a spectacular Gay Pride Parade.

    The festivities take place in the heart of Berlin and ends by looping around the Siegessäule (Victory Column or "Golden Else") in the Tiergarten - a city landmark that has become a symbol for gay Berlin. Home to sunbathing nudes throughout the year, the nudes are on floats, in genital revealing costumes, and dancing down the street during the CSD Parade. 

    And it wouldn't be Berlin without countless debates and demonstrations that precede Sunday's parade. There is also a more alternative parade, X*CSD, in Kruezberg since the main parade is deemed too commercial by some.

    Where: Berlin
    When: July 28th, 2018

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    Richard Wagner Festival Rehearsal In Bayreuth
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    Also known as the Richard Wagner Festival, this annual event in the Bavarian town of Bayreuth pays tribute to the 19th-century German composer.

    It is the world's largest Wagner Festival and sells out every year since it opened in 1876. Wagner fans get their tickets years in advance to enjoy some of the composer's best operas from The Ring Cycle to Parsifal. (complete program found here). They are performed in a specially designed opera house, the Festspielhaus, which was built under Wagner's supervision.

    For Wagner fans, the performances are worth the wait of five to ten years for tickets.

    Where: Festspielhaus, Bayreuth
    When: July 25th – August 29th, 2018

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    Winterdom Hamburg
    Marek Santen - http://english.hamburg.de/visitors/290760/hamburg-hamburgs-dom-english/

    Since the 14th century, Hamburg has celebrated the DOM, one of the largest open-air fun fairs in the North of Germany. Held three times a year, the July festival (usually) features the best weather.

    Bring the whole family for classic Ferris Wheels and carousels, thrilling roller coasters and live concerts. Schedule a visit for every Friday night when fireworks light up the night around 10:30. Best of all, visiting the DOM is free.

    Where: Heiligengeistfeld, in the city center of Hamburg
    When: July 27th ─ August 28th, 2018