Ferry to Tasmania

By Sea to Devonport

Spirit of Tasmania ferry at Station Pier, Port Melbourne.
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For those wishing to travel to Tasmania without flying, one of the most spectacular ways for you to travel is via ferry. This mode of travel is perfect for any travellers who prefer to tour Australia by the road, as this method offers a practical solution to anybody travelling with a vehicle (and those wishing to avoid flight). 

By crossing Bass Strait to Tasmania via ferry, a scenic and relaxing alternative is offered.

This mode of transport is one that was traditionally done on the thrice-weekly weekly Spirit of Tasmania which not only ferries passengers from Melbourne to Devonport on the Tasmanian north coast, but also transports their cars.


Melbourne to Devonport

The Melbourne-to-Devonport ferries cross Bass Strait for the trip to Tasmania with schedules that may change with fluctuating demand. However in general, the Melbourne-to-Devonport ferry takes approximately 9-11 hours and commonly allows people to bring pets and vehicles on board.

Be sure to check the online timetable or consult with a travel agent before booking as times do fluctuate. If wishing to take a ferry from Melbourne to Devonport in Tasmania, there are countless options to suit almost every budget.


Alternative to The Ferry: Cruise the Bass Straithe Ferry: Cruise the Bass Strait

If you’re looking for a more relaxed method of travel over the seas, taking a cruise ship may be the way for you.

By hopping aboard ships like The Spirit of Tasmania I and Spirit of Tasmania II, you’ll be treated to a relaxing journey. Operating more like cruise ships than ferries, these ships provide customers with those extra luxuries that every traveller loves.

Offering features such as sleeping accommodation, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, saunas, nightclubs and casinos, the 11 hours will just fly by.

When travelling with the Spirit of Tasmania, the experience is complete with a gift shop, gaming lounge and an Internet connection. For any family travellers, the kid’s lounge is a great way to keep the children entertained.

By offering multiple levels of comfort, there is bound to be something to suit almost every traveller. By having a range of rooms spanning from: Ocean recliner, Deluxe Cabins, Twin Cabins, Shared Berth and Three Berth Cabins, the Spirit of Tasmania I and II are more than capable to accommodating to a travellers needs.

It’s always important to check for scheduling, as times tend to fluctuate. For current schedules, prices and booking information, find the information on the Spirit of Tasmania website.


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