A Guide to Fernando's Restaurant Macau

Everything You Need to Know About This Beloved Hac Sa Beach Hot Spot

fernando dining room
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Famed all over South-East Asia, Fernando's easy-going atmosphere and excellent food make it well worth the trek out to far flung Hac Sa beach to enjoy a traditional slice of Portuguese colonial history. Rated as one of the top ten Macau restaurants, here is everything you need to know about visiting this Macau hot spot on Coloane Island.

Fernando's Restaurant Pros

  • Fernando's Restaurant has excellent food and very high ratings from guests.
  • The restaurant has a casual colonial atmosphere that is welcoming to all.
  • The prices are reasonable and fair. 

Fernando's Restaurant Cons

  • The location is a little difficult to get to from the city center.
  • The restaurant has no air conditioning, so it can get pretty hot.

How to Get to Fernando's Restaurant

It all depends on where you are coming from, but the cheapest and easiest way to get to Hac Sa is by bus. You can also take a taxi if you prefer, but it will be a lot less cost effective. It's always best to check with the concierge or front desk of your hotel and ask which method they recommend. If you are staying in Hac Sa, getting to Fernando's is easy as taking a quick stroll.

Important Information about Fernando's Restaurant 

Located in Praia de Hac Sa, Coloane Island, Fernando's has been cooking up delicious Portuguese cuisine for well over fifteen years. It's no secret that this beach side spot is one of the best restaurants not only in Macau but all of South East Asia.

Named after its owner, Fernando's is famous for its laid-back style. The restaurant takes no reservations, so after you arrive, you can expect to wait for a table. Luckily, you can visit the outdoor bar in the restaurant's garden while you wait, and sip on the excellent sangrias or order some delicious house made chorizo.

The restaurant itself is housed in a brick barn-like building that spills out directly onto the Hac Sa beach. Fernando's is famous for cooking up Portuguese classic dishes such as suckling pig, codfish, prawns, and mussels. No matter what your taste preference is, all of these items are highly rated by former guests.

Fernando's is also a farm to table restaurant. The bread served with each meal is baked on premises at the restaurant's bakery and the vegetables are grown just steps away from the kitchen in the restaurant's vegetable plot. Fernando's also has an excellent wine list, made up of Portuguese wines that are surprisingly affordable, and this is one of the many things that keeps people coming back year after year. 

If you are in Macau for more than a day, you would be remiss not to visit this iconic restaurant. While the journey out to Coloane Island may be a bit of an adventure, it will be worth it to enjoy Fernando's amazing family cooking.

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