Weather in Fernandina Beach: Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature

Quaint downtown in Fernandina Beach, Florida.
The weather is usually perfect for window shopping in Downtown Fernandina Beach. Trixie.In.Dixie, Photographer/flickr

When you visit downtown Fernandina Beach, there's nothing quite like a sunny day to stroll the sidewalks while shopping at the quaint stores. Fernandina Beach is located along the coast of Northeast Florida on Amelia Island, situated on the St. Marys River just south of the Florida-Georgia border and not far from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fernandina Beach has an overall average high and low temperatures of 77 and 61 degrees Fahrenheit (25 and 16 degrees Celsius). On average Fernandina Beach's warmest month is July, and January is the average coolest month while the maximum average rainfall usually falls in September.

If you're packing for a vacation or getaway to Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, remember that locations near the water tend to be a bit cooler than locations further inland. Still, expect it to be quite warm in the summer, but much cooler in the winter.

Fast Climate Facts

  • Hottest Month: July (91 F / 33 C)
  • Coldest Month: January (63 F / 17 C)
  • Wettest Month: September (6.9 inches)
  • Best Month for Swimming: August (Gulf of Mexico temperature is 84 F / 29 C)

Hurricane Season

From June 1 to November 30 is the official Atlantic Hurricane Season, which affects most of the state of Florida. Although Fernandina Beach is a little further inland and hasn't seen as many hurricanes as more southeastern parts of the state, you should still be prepared for a sudden severe storm if you plan to visit during this volatile season. Evacuations are not common but may be required if a hurricane or strong tropical storm are heading directly for Fernandina Beach.

Spring in Fernandina Beach

Both warm and relatively dry, spring in Fernandina Beach is the perfect time to visit if you're looking for a chance to enjoy the sand without all of the crowds of summer. With an average temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) for the season and a high of 83 F (28 C) in May, spring truly is the ideal time to visit northeastern Florida. You'll also only encounter six to 10 days of rain each month, totaling a little under 15 inches of rain from March through mid-June.

What to pack: If you're visiting in March or April, you may still need to pack a light sweater or jacket for colder evenings, but if you're visiting in May or June, you may want to pack an umbrella and raincoat to accommodate the coming wet season. Of course, you'll also want to bring all your beach-going attire like swimming trunks, tank tops, sandals, and sunscreen, but you'll also need to pack a few layers in case of another burst of winter chill.

Average Air and Water Temperatures by Month

  • March: 71 F (22 C)/53 F (12 C), Gulf temperature 70 F (21 C)
  • April: 77 F (25 C)/59 F (15 C), Gulf temperature 72 F (22 C)
  • May: 83 F (28 C), low 67 F (19 C), Gulf temperature 77 F (25 C)

Summer in Fernandina Beach

Although it's the hottest season of the year, summer is also an extremely wet time for much of the southeastern United States, largely due to the arrival of hurricane season and its accompanying tropical storms. Still, with average high and temperatures of around 90 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit (32 and 23 degrees Celsius), you truly can't beat a sunny day in June through mid-September in Fernandina Beach. However, you'll have to check the weather frequently to find a cloudless day since you can expect between 11 and 13 inches of rain per month throughout the season.

What to pack: You can leave the jackets and sweaters at home most of the summer, but be sure to pack a raincoat and umbrella no matter what month you're visiting. You'll also want to bring water-resistant footwear along with all of your beach gear—in case you happen upon a sunny summer day.

Average Air and Water Temperatures by Month

  • June: 88 F (31 C)/73 F (23 C), Gulf temperature 81 F (27 C)
  • July: 91 F (33 C)/75 F (24 C), Gulf temperature 82 F (28 C)
  • August: 89 F (32 C)/75 F (24 C), Gulf temperature 84 F (29 C)

Fall in Fernandina Beach

The rains continue into September and October, but dry up by the end of the season well before southwesterly cold fronts bring winter's chill to the state. Temperatures begin dropping in mid-October, though, and by Thanksgiving, you can typically expect nightly lows of around 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 C). Daytime highs throughout the fall range from 85 in September to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (29 to 22 degrees Celsius) in November, and rain is expected between 7 and 12 days a month during the season.

What to pack: While the rains have typically subsided by the end of fall, you'll still need to bring an umbrella and raincoat and keep an eye on the weather during your autumn trip to Fernandina Beach. Be sure to also pack a light sweater, especially if you're traveling in October or November, and plenty of light daytime wear to accommodate for sunny days.

Average Air and Water Temperatures by Month

  • September: 86 F (30 C)/73 F (23 C), Gulf temperature 82 F (28 C)
  • October: 79 F (26 C)/65 F (18 C), Gulf temperature 79 F (26 C)
  • November: 72 F (22 C)/56 F (13 C), Gulf temperature 75 F (24 C)

Winter in Fernandina Beach

As temperatures continue to fall from mid-November through mid-January, the rain also subsides throughout much of the region, resulting in plenty of cloudless winter days with temperatures between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit (16 and 18 degrees Celsius). However, average monthly low temperatures drop from November through January before slowly climbing back up in February. You can expect between seven and nine days of rain each month throughout the winter season, and while snow is rare, it has dusted the area.

What to pack: Long pants and a sweater might be necessary for the winter. Also, make sure you pack a warm jacket for those cool to cold winter nights, especially if you're taking a scenic night tour or a moonlit cruise.

Average Air and Water Temperatures by Month

  • December: 65 F (18 C)/48 F (9 C), Gulf temperature 73 F (23 C)
  • January: 63 F (17 C)/44 F (6.6 C), Gulf temperature 70 F (21 C)
  • February: 66 F (19 C)/47 F (8 C), Gulf temperature 70 F (21 C)
Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours
Month Avg. Temp. Rainfall Daylight Hours
January 63 F 3.4 inches 10 hours
February 66 F 3.2 inches 11 hours
March 71 F 3.9 inches 12 hours
April 77 F 2.8 inches 13 hours
May 83 F 2.3 inches 14 hours
June 88 F 5.3 inches 14 hours
July 91 F 5.5 inches 14 hours
August 89 F 5.8 inches 13 hours
September 86 F 6.9 inches 12 hours
October 79 F 4.6 inches 11 hours
November 72 F 2.1 inches 11 hours
December 65 F 3.0 inches 10 hours
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