February in Las Vegas: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

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It might be cold and miserable in your hometown, but February in Las Vegas is just warm enough to keep the airport busy and the hotels full. The temperatures will feel slightly cooler for those people coming from the southwest, but for the rest of the country, it will feel like winter has been canceled.

If you are seeking shelter from winter as well as a whole calendar of sporting events, shows, and other activities, Las Vegas during the month of romance is perfect for you.

Las Vegas Weather in February

Even in February, Las Vegas weather is perfect for being outside. While the rest of the country is isolated in the depths of winter, Sin City—which receives more than 300 days of sunshine per year—is likely to experience mild temperatures and clear days during February. Remember, deserts get cold after sunset, so nighttime temperatures do drop significantly.

  • Average high: 63 degrees Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius)
  • Average low: 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius)

February is typically the coldest month of the year in Vegas, but that's a relative term: Cold here means an average temperature of 54 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius). While you might not be lounging poolside, the mild temperatures are still plenty warm for outdoor dining, a mid-day round of golf, or taking day trips to the Hoover Dam or one of the area's other attractions.

February also attracts a bit more rainfall than other times of the year, but nothing that would ruin your trip. On average, you can expect to see light rain, about an inch throughout the month, spread across six days. Additionally, there's almost no cloud cover during this month and, usually, nine hours of beautiful sunshine to soak up. The average humidity for the month is about 28 percent.

What to Pack

Even though the days are sunny, the mild temperatures and cool nights mean that you will still need to pack jeans, sweaters, and other cold-weather clothing, especially if you're planning on being outside for an extended period. If you get cold easily and you plan to be walking around at night, you may even want to bring along a warm hat or some gloves to stay warm. For the daytime, comfortable pants, shirts, and a light jacket should suffice.

Many restaurants, shows, and clubs in Las Vegas enforce a dress code, so make sure you have at least one "nice" outfit in your suitcase. Generally, that means dark pants and a collared shirt for men, and a dress or stylish blouse for women.

Many of the biggest Las Vegas pools shut down for the winter season, so check with your hotel in case the pool is open and you need to pack your swimsuit.

Las Vegas Golden Knights vs. NJ Devils at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

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February Events in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has an ever-changing calendar of shows, concerts, and other performances, but there are a few events that draw the crowds year after year.

  • Hockey is alive and well in Las Vegas in February, so head to the T-Mobile Arena to watch the Las Vegas Golden Knights. This icy rink for the NHL hockey team will make you feel like it is still winter in Las Vegas.
  • Valentine's Day is huge in Las Vegas and, if you are considering getting married in Vegas, you might as well do it on February 14. There are plenty of wedding chapels in Las Vegas and very talented wedding planners at each resort.
  • President's Day weekend in mid-February is among the least-crowded holiday weekends in Vegas. Cooler temperatures and cheaper hotel rates make it a prime time to visit.
  • Considered the largest Black History Month event in all of Nevada, the Taste and Sounds of Soul Festival on Fremont Street features lots of live entertainment and excellent BBQ, Creole, and Southern dishes to accompany. Normally held at the end of February, the 2021 Festival is canceled.

February Travel Tips

  • While February might still look warm, it's not exactly pool season yet in Vegas and many resort pools are actually closed.
  • If you're ready to hit the links, stay away from early-morning rounds unless you enjoy that cold feeling at the end of your fingers. The afternoons are comfortably warm and perfect for a game of golf without feeling cold or overheating.
  • Many of the nearby day trip destinations—such as Red Rock Canyon or Death Valley—are beautiful to visit but unbearably hot in the summer. February is a perfect time for clear days and mild temperatures to explore the great outdoors.