February in San Diego: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

San Diego in February, Time for Romance
Unconditional Surrender in San Diego.

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February is a good time to visit San Diego, as winter starts to wind down and before the crowds arrive for spring break. Hotel rates are lower than they will be through spring and summer.

But — February isn't the time to go if you want to spend time at the beach. The water gets so cold that time of year that not even the locals want to go in.

If you're thinking of San Diego for a romantic Valentine's Day getaway, check out some of the most romantic spots in San Diego.

San Diego Weather in February

People sometimes ask whether it's cold in San Diego in February, and sometimes they even want to know whether it snows. The last measurable snowfall in the city fell in December 1967. Is it cold? That depends. San Diegans might think so, but if you're from a colder climate, you'll probably think it's just right.

February is also one of San Diego's rainiest months, with some of the most unpredictable weather of the year. Instead of raining a little bit every day, the entire monthly rainfall often comes all on the same day, especially during winter storms.

If precipitation happens, try some of these things to do on a rainy day in San Diego. 

You may get some more ideas about things to do in the guide to San Diego in the winter.

  • Average High Temperature: 65 F (18 C)
  • Average Low Temperature: 52 F (11 C)
  • Rain: 2.35 inches (6.0 cm)
  • Rainfall: 7 days
  • Sunshine: 8 hours
  • Daylight: 11 hours
  • Water Temperature: 58.6 F (15 C)
  • UV Index: 4

If you want to compare these weather conditions to what San Diego is like the rest of the year, you can find that all in one place in the guide to typical San Diego weather.

Use the averages when doing your long-range planning, but California weather can be fickle. Check the San Diego weather forecast before you leave home.

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What to Pack

If you plan to go across the border into Tijuana, pack your passport.

Packing experts suggest creating a capsule wardrobe for travel. You can find suggestions for the number of tops, bottoms, layers, and shoes you need at Classy Yet Trendy. For San Diego in February, choose short to mid-length sleeved tops, full-length bottoms, light to mid-weight outer layers that are rainproof if it's in the forecast. Shoes should first and foremost be comfortable. And take flat-soled shoes if you plan to visit the USS Midway. They'll make your visit much safer.

Pack an umbrella or rain jacket with hood for rainy days and a warm jacket if no rain is predicted. A scarf or shawl is also a good addition to the packing list. You won't need a thick winter coat.

February Events in San Diego

Things to Do in February

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