List of Favorite Regional Foods and Dishes From Detroit

Whether you're visiting the city or just taking stock of what it has to offer, identifying Detroit's regional food favorites is a delectable pastime. Check out the regional foods and sishes from Detroit in this Detroit food tour.

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    Whole and sliced red apples on dark wood
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    Michigan ranks third in the nation for apple production, which means from mid-August to November we're all about the apple -- and the apple is surprisingly versatile. Michiganders pick apples, cook apples, drink apples (read cider) and celebrate apples via festivals and events.

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    Coney Dogs

    Coney dog
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    The Coney Dog (aka swamped-in-chili hot dog) can now be found in restaurants across the country, but Detroit figured out a combination of ingredients that made its version of the chili dog a regional classic. The Coney Dog first found a loyal following back in the early 1900s at two Coney Island Restaurants in downtown Detroit. The Coney Dog consists of a natural-casing hot dog, no bean chili, chopped onions and mustard.

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    Detroit pizza
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    Pizza doesn't ​immediately come to mind when you think Detroit, but it should. Not only has Detroit contributed its own unique style of pizza - the square, deep dish -- the city is the national pizza chain capital.

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    Known as "pop" in the Metro-Detroit area, Detroit is home to two well known bottling companies. In other words, the city has a unique relationship with the carbonated beverage. Not only was Vernors Ginger Ale arguably the first soda pop to be made domestically, but it has been a popular, unique flavor that is still around after 140 years. Speaking of flavors, Faygo was one of the first companies to experiment with adding cake flavoring to soda pop and contributed some classic flavors, including Red Pop and Rock'n'Rye.