Father's Day Gift Ideas of Travel

Trips to Delight Dad on Father's Day

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••• Swinging at Fairmont Mayakoba resort in Mexico. © Fairmont.

If you're stuck on what to give Dad for Father's Day — and his closet simply can't accommodate one more shirt — this might be the year to give him the gift of travel. Get him out from behind the car, away his desk and off the couch, and send him into the world.

Depending on your Father's Day budget, you can spring for a night in a great hotel, a sports-oriented vacation, or a tour of a place he's always wanted to visit for Father's Day.

Since this site is devoted to romantic getaways, be assured that all places selected offer ample delights for both partners. He can pursue his passion and then spend the night with his main squeeze.

Set the Date for Father's Day Fun

In order for your gift to be well-received, check Dad's calendar to see when he's free around Father's Day, and consult with his significant other. If Mom's coming along, and she doesn't share his hobby, choose a place that offers a wide selection of activities she enjoys, such as sunbathing, shopping, or spa facilities. As the saying goes, "If mama's not happy, no one's happy."

One way to approach the gift of travel is to select your dates and arrange to pre-pay for the vacation. Come Father's Day, surprise him with a card. Inside, place his itinerary... and send him packing.

What's Your Dad's Special Interest?

Check out these Father's Day travel ideas:

Dad the Golfer
At golf vacation resorts he'll love, he can take a lesson from the house pro, play to his heart's content, and even try out a new set of clubs.

Dad the High Roller
Is dad a gambler at heart? Then Father's Day can be his lucky day, when you arrange a stay at one of these top Las Vegas resorts for players.

Dad the Cruise Fan
With just about everything paid up front, Dad can sail away and leave his cares behind. And if he likes to drink, you can please him with a beverage card.


Dad the Fisherman
There's something about fishing that clears the mind and lifts the spirit. So if he's been angling for a getaway, please him with a few days where the fish are running.

Dad the Tennis Player
Dads who are athletic and frequently play tennis can enjoy the game into their eighties. Giving a trip to a tennis resort with Har-tru courts lit for night play will let him lob to his heart's content.

Dad the Driver
Is your Dad kind of a speed freak? Give him the gift of travel to a place where he can test his mettle with a pedal and safely navigate his way around a racing track.

Dad the Shopper
Do you have one of those rare Dads who actually likes to shop? Who find a few hours at the mall preferable to ones spent in a sports stadium? Then by all means send him someplace where he can replenish his closet and indulge his inner dandy.

Can't Decide What Dad Would Appreciate Most? 

Travel Gift Cards to Give Dad
In case it's just too tough to decide what to present him with for Father's Day or you can't nail down a few days when you know he can be free of appointments and responsibilities, give him a gift card.

Of course an Amazon Gift Card as a digital download or in a handsome case that arrives by mail is always welcome — but there's no guarantee he'll use it to take a trip (and you know that's what he really needs!) So give him a dedicated travel gift card and let him know with the greatest affection that you're looking forward to seeing him use it and waving good-bye.