How to Spend Father's Day in Las Vegas

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Father's Day in Las Vegas is so different than spending Mother's Day in Las Vegas. Mainly because beer will most likely be involved and a round a golf or some tequila should be on the agenda as well. You'll still have to buy a gift and have a good meal but the details do not have to be quite as precise.


Two beers per hole while your dad talks about how his new secretary really wants him. Not cool. Two beers per hole as your dad convinces you that his investing will make you rich after he dies. Slightly better.


Do not go shopping with your dad simply because guys should not enjoy shopping but the real reason is far more involved. If your dad has good taste it could break you. Remember those days when you walked through every store wanting everything in sight? This could be major role reversal.


If he orders a Bloody Mary you should be fine. If he frowns when you order a mimosa you might as well take the antacid, it could be a long meal.


It's tricky if your dad is a picky eater to find a good spot that will not have you spending a lot of money on a piece of beef. However, if you have a foodie for a father you might be dropping some serious cash. Order for him.


Whatever you don't let him know that you'll be introducing him to a $14 beer. He'll laugh at you and you'll feel like a kid all over again. Explore new beers with your dad. Have him try something other than the Pabst Blue Ribbon. If he calls you a snob you have done your job. If he schools you in craft beers you need to get out more often.


Don't do a topless show with your dad. You never want to be near naked women with your father in close proximity.


Get him a massage and you head to a bar. Do not under any circumstance head to the steam room together. Never. You do not need to look that far into the future when the towel drops.



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