Father's Day Freebies

A List of Ways You Can Treat Dad for Free on Father's Day

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These Father's Day freebies are a great way to shower dad with free stuff all Father's Day long. They're all completely free and will make dad feel extra special because they're coming straight from your heart. It's a great reminder that it's the thought that counts.

The free Father's Day stuff includes Father's Day gift tags, free yogurt for your dad, a printable gift, and more.

Father's Day this year is on Sunday, June 17, 2018.

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Free TCBY Frozen Yogurt on Father's Day

A cup of frozen yogurt
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TCBY will be handing out a free 6 oz. cup of frozen yogurt for dads on Father's Day. 

This offer may be regional, so call your local TCBY before heading out.

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Free, Printable Father's Day Gift Tags from Almost Makes Perfect

Father's Day gift tags with a gift on a table
Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect has designed this simple and awesome looking Father's Day gift tags that come in green, dark gray, and light gray.

All you need to do is print (cardstock works best), cut them out, add a whole at the top, and attach them to the gift with string. You could also skip the whole punch and just tape them to the gift.

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Free Father's Day Printable from Bonbon Break

A fill-in Father's Day printable on a table
BonBon Break

You'll have an instant gift with this free Father's Day printable from Bonbon Break.

Print this out and have your child fill in some questions about their dad - how old he is, what he likes to do, what his job is, what he says, what the child enjoys doing with the dad, what their dad's favorite thing is, and why they love their dad. At the top, there's room for the child to draw a picture of them and their dad.

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Happy Father's Day Candy Gram

A father and child holding up a Father's Day poster made out of candy bars
Dating Divas

Here's a unique DIY gift for dad this Father's Day, a candy gram all about him. This free, printable poster leaves you just enough room to glue on the candy bars so dad can have an adorable card and some treats too. 

There are three different versions available, one for dad from the kids, one from mom to dad, and one for grandpa from the kids. 

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