FAQ about NHL's Islanders Move Brooklyn: Hockey at Barclays Center

••• Above, the NY Islanders traditional logo. But will the team's colors change with a move to Brooklyn?. Compliments of the NY Islanders

The Islanders are coming to Brooklyn!

Founded in 1972, the NY Islanders are the winners of four Stanley Cup Championships. In 2013 it was announced that the team would relocate from Long Island to Brooklyn's Barclays Center, under new management.

1. When Will the NY Islanders Move to Barclays Center in Brooklyn?

The move from the Nassau Coliseum to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn will take place in the 2015-16 season.

2. When was the First Islanders Game at Brooklyn's Barclays Center in Brooklyn?

The first-ever NHL game at the state-of-the-art Barclays Center was played on Saturday, September 21, 2013.

3. What about Tickets for Islander Games at Barclays Center?

The Barclays Center website states, "Barclays Center will hold 14,500 seats for Islander games. Current Islander season ticket holders will have first rights to purchase season tickets in Brooklyn." You can make a deposit for the 2015-2016 season online.

9 Things to Know about Getting Tickets to Barclays Center Events.

4. Will The Islanders Change their Team Colors?

The NY Islanders team colors are royal blue, orange and white. An Islander spokesperson in a May 2013 phone conversation with About.com said the team will "keep the same name, and the same colors." But with new management, anything could happen. According to local media sources, as reported in the NY Post, "A member of one group told the Riverhead News-Review earlier this month he was asked to rate a new team jersey without any orange, one that looked like the old Brooklyn Dodgers uniform — blue and white."

Other possibilities aired include keeping the existing colors, and adding an alternative jersey design, or somehow bridging the Nets' black-and-white color scheme with the existing Islanders color scheme. Details to emerge.

5. Will The Islanders have Dual Loyalties, to Long Island and to Brooklyn?

It's not just the fans who might have opinions about the teams colors.

The team's Long Island fan base and community might care as well. For instance, the Islanders@School Program special school assembly programs, including Orange & Blue + You Assembly and Islanders School Day (teaching students about importance of teamwork and hard work, reached over 45,000 Long Island children last season.

6. What Will Change for The Islanders Because of the Brooklyn move?

The team has a poor attendance record compared to others in the National Hockey League. So, the move to Brooklyn offers the chance for a rebranding, building on the popular Brooklyn brand in general, and the Brooklyn Nets brand as well. As for the team's name and colors, that remains to be seen. Rumor has it that a lot of the players love the idea of living in Brooklyn....

7. How Can Long Island-based Fans of The Islanders Get to HockeyvGames in Brooklyn?

That's easy. Fans can take the the Long Island Railroad directly to the Atlantic Avenue station, which leads directly to the Barclays Center. One word of caution: don't drive, because parking is ridiculously hard to find. Directions to Barclays Center.

8. Who Owns and Manages the NY Islanders?

Nets/Barclays Center management, led by Brett Yormark, is taking over Islander business operations.

According to the Wall St. Journal, August 20, 2014, the team announced that "owner Charles Wang has agreed to sell the Brooklyn-bound NHL team to a group led by Jon Ledecky, the former co-owner of the Washington Capitals, and Scott Malkin, a London-based investor."

9. Will The Islanders' Community Outreach include Brooklyn?

The NY Islanders have several laudable community outreach programs focusing on Long Island, including the Islanders Children’s Foundation. According to their website, "The Islanders Children’s Foundation not only works with other not for profit programs but also funds a variety of in-house youth programs. The Islanders@School Program, Holiday Hospital Visits and Toy Shopping Event, Bossy’s Bunch Charity Ticket Program, Amateur Youth Hockey Development Program and Islanders Fight Cancer Program were created to benefit youth on Long Island." The team visited two Brooklyn schools shortly after their announcement of the move to Barclays Center.

How these efforts will be redistributed to include Brooklyn remains to be seen.

For details, see the NY Islanders website.