Fantasyland Hotel and West Edmonton Mall

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    Edmonton from the Air

    Edmonton on a sunny March day. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Alberta's Main Attraction

    If your fantasy involves cuddling up in a themed hotel room and making occasional forays into a giant mall for food and entertainment, the Fantasyland Hotel in Alberta, Canada is made for you.

    About one-third of the rooms in the Fantasyland Hotel have a theme. Two floors are exclusively devoted to recreating a Polynesian ambiance. Other themes include Hollywood, Rome, Old West, and Sports. The rest of the rooms, which are contemporary, are designed for visiting business people in oil-rich Edmonton. (Although you could certainly play out a boss-and-secretary fantasy in those accommodations, should you desire.)

    On the following pages you can view some of the themed rooms at the Fantasyland Hotel and attractions at the West Edmonton Mall, to which it directly connects.

    Long Edmonton winters drive couples to the West Edmonton Mall and the Fantasyland Hotel attached to it.

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    Fantasyland Honeymoon Hotel

    About to begin their honeymoon, a newlywed couple (she of the long white dress and bouquet; he adjusting to a new life as her bellhop) checks in at the front desk of the Fantasyland Hotel. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    If you can't afford a honeymoon trip to Hollywood... or Polynesia... or ancient Rome, the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta offers an ersatz version.

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    Old West Themed Floor

    Real split logs and a painted western vista greet arrivals on the hotel floor that evokes the Old West. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    An entire floor of guest rooms at the Fantasyland Hotel features a Western theme.

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    Western Door at Fantasyland Hotel

    Whoa, Nellie!. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    It only looks like the entrance to a stable: Each guest room door on the Western-themed floor of the Fantasyland Hotel has a hand-painted horse on the front.

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    Stagecoach Bed

    A good place to get some West. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Each of the Old West-themed rooms at the Fantasyland Hotel features a queen-size bed inside a stagecoach frame.

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    Family Room at the Fantasyland Hotel

    An arresting idea: Let your kids do hard time on these soft beds. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Designed for families with kids (or couples who like to bed-hop), Western-themed rooms feature bunk beds in a jailhouse setting next to the stagecoach bed.

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    Western-Themed Spa

    Big enough to fit a cowboy and his horse. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Every themed room in the Fantasyland Hotel features a spa. The surround continues the theme of the room, as in this one painted to resemble an Old West town.

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    Victorian-Themed Room

    Don't worry: The stagecoach driver by the head of the bed is merely a model and won't look back. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Similar to the Western-themed rooms at the Fantasyland Hotel, Victorian rooms also feature a stagecoach bed.

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    Polynesian-Themed Floor

    Does an erupting volcano trigger erotic thoughts?. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    As soon as you step out of the elevator, you'll enter western Canada's trompe l'oeil version of a Polynesian paradise.

    Polynesian rooms at the Fantasyland Hotel are so popular that two of the twelve floors are devoted to rooms with this theme. If you have the time and money, venture to the real Polynesia.

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    Polynesian-Themed Bed at the Fantasyland Hotel

    A vision conceived by Gauguin, it's not. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Imagine your bed is on a catamaran afloat on warm turquoise seas...

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    Plush Polynesian Parrot

    Plush, rather than stuffed, he guards the bed from his perch between the fake palm tree and the thermostat, ensuring shade and perfect temperature on your journey. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    What South Seas adventure is complete with out a talking parrot?

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    Polynesian-Themed Spa Tub

    Approximating a waterfall, temperature-selected water pours into the tub from overhead. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Use your imagination to think of this in-room tub, with room for two, as carved out of a mini volcano.

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    Hollywood-Themed Floor at the Fantasyland Hotel

    Neon lights, but no paparazzi, greet arrivals as they emerge from the elevator. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Edmonton's Fantasyland Hotel features multiple Hollywood-inspired rooms.

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    Hollywood-Themed Bedroom

    Star in your own fantasy right here. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    A queen-size bed, surrounded by reels of film, lies under the "Fantasyland Theatre" sign in this Hollywood-themed bedroom in Edmonton's Fantasyland Hotel.

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    Hollywood-Themed Spa Tub at the Fantasyland Hotel

    Ultra-deep hot tub in the Hollywood-themed room is ideal for taking meetings. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    The scene: Fantasyland Hotel. The characters: the two of you. The action: only limited by your imagination.

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    Ancient Rome Theme at Fantasyland Hotel

    Less elaborate than other landings, this one may be more evocative of Rome, NY than Rome, Italy. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Turn back time, and revisit ancient Rome as your chariot leads you to the Fantasyland Hotel.

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    Roman Bust in the Fantasyland Hotel

    Head over heels for one another? Cool them here. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    One of the decorative elements in an Ancient Rome room at the Fantasyland Hotel.

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    Roman Tub at Fantasyland Hotel

    This is the closest thing Edmonton offers to Caesars Palace. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    The Romans were known for their baths and viaducts, and you're invited to have some watery fun in the Ancient Rome-themed room at the Fantasyland Hotel.

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    Arabian Nights Themed Room at Fantasyland Hotel

    Where Scheherezades of the north shake off the chill. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Two waiting champagne glasses and a lounge bed set against a Middle Eastern desert scene may inspire you to point your caravan to Fantasyland Hotel.

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    Arabian Nights Bed

    Curtained, four-poster bed designed for romance. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    A setting for 1,001 nights of Persian passion.

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    Arabian-Themed Hot Tub

    © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    A literal oasis in the Fantasyland Hotel's desert setting.

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    Sports Fantasy Room at the Fantasyland Hotel

    The widescreen TV is surrounded by a scoreboard, and the side chairs are in the shape of baseball gloves. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    The Sports Fantasy room is actually more popular with groups of guys than with couples.

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    Football Fantasy

    Shoot hoops straight from your bed if you like. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Fantasy football fans will have a ball in the Sports Fantasy room. A mock playing field backs football shaped headboards.

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    Nascar Hot Tub

    Sports Fantasy at the Fantasyland Hotel puts more vroom in your room. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Weekend Sports Fantasy athletes can soak aching muscles in this oversize hot tub surrounded by a Nascar mural.

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    Executive Room at the Fantasyland Hotel

    Two double beds, a work desk, a TV, and a bathroom are provided in this no-funny-business room. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    There are no scenic murals, no papier-mache volcanoes, not even a hot tub big enough to host a couple of Edmonton Oilers in un-themed Executive Rooms.

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    Welcome to the West Edmonton Mall

    This barge won't budge. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    A replica of a pirate ship, under glass, greets mall visitors. Paddle boats are available to complete the hallucinogenic experience.

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    West Edmonton Mall Food Court

    They say eating transfats will harden one's arteries. What was this guy chowing down on?. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Junk food purveyors of all types are represented inside the vast West Edmonton Mall.

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    IMAX Theater at the West Edmonton Mall

    © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Winters are cold and long in Canada, and a visit to the IMAX Theater in the West Edmonton Mall can offer some relief.

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    Ice Hockey Rink in the West Edmonton Mall

    The Stanley Cup-winning Edmonton Oilers have been known to take a turn around the mall's regulation-size hockey rink. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    With 800+ stores, you may think strapping on a pair of skates is the best way to glide from one to the next. But that will only work on the ice hockey rink.

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    Bungee Jumping in West Edmonton Mall

    The mall's high ceilings offer bungee jumpers extra bounce. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Tired of traveling on terra firma? The West Edmonton Mall has a bungee jumping attraction that uses small trampolines.

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    Indoor Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall

    Waterslides deliver fun-seekers from great heights to splashdown. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Thrills but no chills await visitors to the Waterpark inside the West Edmonton Mall.

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    Wave Pool at West Edmonton Mall

    Even when there's snow and ice, air temperature around the wave pool is warm and nice. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Outside, the temperature may be below freezing. Inside the West Edmonton Mall, you can enjoy a day at the beach at the vast wave pool.