Famous People From Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida pier

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Jacksonville is the birthplace and home to a number of celebrities in various fields. Thanks to the town's NFL team, there are many famous football players, but there are also many famous musicians, businesspeople, politicians, golfers, and other names you may know.

Jack Youngblood

Youngblood was born in Jacksonville before attending high school in Monticello. He eventually attended college at the University of Florida and was drafted in the first round of the 1971 NFL Draft. He spent his entire pro career with the Los Angeles Rams, finishing with 151.5 quarterback sacks. Youngblood was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2001.

Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards was born in Jacksonville but spent the majority of her early years bouncing from location to location (including Japan) due to her father's military career. Edwards is best known as the wife of former U.S. Senator and Presidential Candidate John Edwards, a Democrat. She died in 2011 following a lengthy battle with cancer. Edwards was also an attorney and an activist for health-care rights.

LeeRoy Yarbrough

His mental and legal issues often overshadow LeeRoy Yarbrough's illustrious racing career, but Yarbrough is considered one of NASCAR's best drivers of all time.

David Duval

David Duval, a professional golfer, was born in Jacksonville in 1971. He attended college at Georgia Tech and joined the PGA Tour in 1995.

Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones is nearing the end of a lengthy MLB career. He's been a member of the Atlanta Braves since 1993 and has played shortstop and third base. Jones was born in DeLand and moved to Jacksonville as a teenager, attending Bolles School in Jacksonville.

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene is an actress best known for her role as Alice Cullen in the successful Twilight franchise. She was born in Jacksonville in 1987, growing up in the Middleburg area

Rick Dees

Dees is a nationally-syndicated radio host, known for his Top 40 radio show. Dees was born in Jacksonville in 1950 but grew up in North Carolina.

Crissy Moran

Moran is a former adult actress. She was born and raised in Jacksonville, working at a local Hooter's restaurant before beginning her adult-film career.

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