Famous People Born in the Year of the Snake

Dick Cheney
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Deal makers and deal breakers, Harry Potter and the brains behind the world’s most baffling book are some of the celebrities and famous people born in the year of the snake. Snakes get a bad press. Often misunderstood, their plotting is actually a desire for privacy, their cunning simply confidence in their own abilities and an understanding of what they want. Calm, cool and considered, snakes are rarely flustered. Find out which stars are set for a stunning year of sunning themselves on the beaching the year of the snake?

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Politicians and Leaders

Rarely rattled, snakes are calm under pressure and prized for their ability to do business without blinking. Few people can claim to have been in more of a tricky predicament than famous snake JFK, who managed not to blink even when the Soviets had the business end of a nuclear armada pointed at him during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Another equally confident snake was Elizabeth the 1st who stared down the Pope, the Spanish Armada and a society who thought all women were good for was a life in the kitchen to become one of England’s best-remembered monarchs.

But not all snakes have mastered the better side of their nature. Dick Cheney has a reputation for fancy footwork when it comes to promoting his interests and baring his fangs when things don’t go his way. Do snakes have a habit of stabbing others in the back? Well, Dick uses a shotgun.

Actors and Actresses

While not outwardly emotional, snakes are prone to tempestuous outbursts when all of the anger they have bottled up inside comes pouring out. Step forward, Year of the Snake Man of the Year, Mr. Charlie Sheen, who seems to slide from one hot tempered rant to another.

Snakes also suffer from short attention spans and need new challenges to stay interested which might explain why Daniel Radcliffe is keen to distance himself from the boy wizard Harry Potter and why Marlon Brando put his hand up for every film from the Godfather to Superman II.

Snakes are often criticized for being inflexible but praised for having the inner strength to stand up for what they believe in and for others, characteristics that are well represented by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City and Liv Tyler as Arwen in Lord of the Rings.

Musicians, Artists, and Writers

While snakes are renowned for their high taste in the arts and their appreciation for the finer points of culture that doesn’t seem to have stopped Ronan Keating slipping his way onto our list although more encouragingly he’s joined by celebrated grumbler Bob Dylan.

James Joyce and Pablo Picasso point to more fine minds amongst snakes although there is no denying a definite and defiant strike of individualism to their works, making it unsurprising that the pair share the stage with revolutionary writer Virginia Wolf.

It would be remiss of us not to mention arguably the greatest snake of all; Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster embodies many of the great attributes above not least of all an inner strength that lets him ‘hulk up’ and escapes even the direst situation.

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