Family Friendly Ideas for a Rainy Day in San Diego

What to do with the kids on San Diego's rare rainy days

Things to do on a rainy day in San Diego with kids.
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It doesn't happen often but even San Diego gets a rainy day now and then. In a city known for its sunshine, this can leave parents scrambling to figure out what to do with the kids when they can't hit the beach, park, zoo or other favorite San Diego outdoor pastime. Here are a few of the top rainy day activities to do with the kids in San Diego.

San Diego Rainy Day Activity #1: Jump on Some Trampolines

If your little one needs to get some energy out and taking them to an outdoor park isn't an option, reserve a trampoline at one of the jump parks around San Diego. You'll get your very own springy trampoline that is built in at ground level for extra safety. Rental is usually for an hour -- just enough time for your child to wear him or herself out from jumping energetically on the large trampoline. Call other parents and get them and their kids to come too to share the trampoline space to make the day more affordable. Added bonus: trampolines are a great workout so joining in yourself may mean getting to skip the gym simply from playing with your child.

Trampoline places in San Diego are located at: 

Rockin' Jump: 8190 Miralani Drive, San Diego

Sky Zone San Diego: 851 Showroom Place #100, Chula Vista

Sky Zone San Marcos: 860 Los Vallecitos Blvd, San Marcos

San Diego Rainy Day Activity #2: Fun Learning at the Science Museum

Learn about how water makes it to your faucet, become a mini-engineer, discover how sound travels and much more at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park. You and your child will learn new things while being thoroughly entertained thank to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center's state of the art exhibits, many of which have hands-on activities for kids. You can also take in an educational movie on the "Giant Screen" domed theater located within the science center (available for viewing at an extra cost). 

San Diego Rain Day Activity #3: Luxurious Movie Theater Experience

One of the quintessential rainy day activities no matter where you live is going to the movies and San Diego is no exception. If your kid is begging to see the latest animated movie or fairy-tale-come-to-life movie, change it from the average movie going experience by taking them to Cinepolis, where you can lie back in comfy lounge chairs with remote settings and order food and drinks straight from your chair which will be delivered to you before or even during the movie. San Diego is lucky to have a couple Cinepolis theater options both north and south: one Del Mar and the other in Carlsbad. 

And When It Gets Too Hot...

These rainy day activities also work well for the other side of the weather spectrum -- when it gets too hot -- since these are all activities located in air conditioned buildings. Luckily, extreme hot weather also doesn't happen much in San Diego, but when it does you can also escape to the these fun rain day activity spots located around San Diego.

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