Family Getaways + Romance

ideas for Valentines Day


Can these three words possibly co-exist?

Well, according to some, they can. Below -- in time for Valentine's Day, but good yearo-round -- are tactics for finding a romantic moment on a family getaway.

The Resort Solution
Perhaps the simplest -- if not cheapest -- approach is to vacation at a place with kids' programs. Such kids' clubs are a feature of all-inclusives. Kids can drop in for an hour, or spend the day: whatever suits.

Many resorts have evening hours or "kids' fun nights", and a growing number offer baby care.

See:all inclusive family resorts, and resorts with baby care.

  • At Franklyn D. Resort in Jamaica, each family has a friendly vacation nanny throughout their stay!
  • Right in Florida is Club Med Sandpiper, an all-inclusive with excellent kids' programs and baby care.

Cruises too offer family fun plus couple time while kids are at kids' programs. Some cruise ships go all out for families.

Disney Cruise Line is outstanding for family cruises, with kids programs, teen activities, and even a nursery (at an extra charge) on its ships; but other lines too --such as budget-friendly Carnival-- provide myriad activities at kids' and teen programs. Many parents say their kids love the kids' clubs; meanwhile the parents love to get some guilt-free couple time. Read more about family cruises.

Hotel Family Getaways
If tropical seas aren't in the picture, how about a family getaway in your nearest city?

Many hotels are eager to please your kids.

The Hyatt chain, the Ritz Carlton, the Four Seasons, Holiday Inns, Hilton Hotels... many city hotels have kids programs, sometimes with innovative classes such as kiddie chef-training or etiquette. (--see samples at Ritz Kids). Read more about family-friendly hotel chains, and then check what's offered at hotels in a city near you.

(Even if a hotel doesn't have a kids' program, babysitting can be arranged.)

I'm in the Mood for... Spas
Spas promise assured relaxation: an herbal wrap or massage will surely make you forget your workplace work, domestic work, or work-at-home-- now that's an aphrodisiac. Meanwhile, little ones can have fun at the kids' programs offered at many hotels and resorts with spas.

The classic Hotel Hershey, in Hershey PA, has a chocolate-themed spa where you'll want to linger in the Quiet Room and maybe enjoy the in-spa restaurant. (Though the Kids' Club isn't open this time of year, babysitting can be arranged.) Bonus: Chocolate-Covered February at Hershey has special chocolate-y fun for kids (and grown-ups too).

Swap Some Couple Time
If deluxe hotels or herbal wraps aren't in the budget, consider going somewhere affordable and fun with another family; then take turns with the kids, so that each pair of parents gets some time alone.

Make a Date
Whenever or wherever you go on vacation, make sure to schedule at least one date with your mate, whether you make use of kids' programs, babysitters, or helpful friends or relatives.

Kids, Vacation, Romance.. .

it can be done, if you set your mind to it.

And provided that none of the kids comes down with chicken-pox.

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