Family Friendly Shows in Las Vegas

Fireworks light up the iconic Las Vegas sign.
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While Las Vegas may not be the ideal family destination, it does have plenty to offer the family on a vacation that does not include getting sand everywhere or having nightmares about a giant mouse chasing you. That might just be me. The options are endless for kids in Las Vegas and the chance to entertain your children with quality shows is also present.

Your kids will love the entertainment in Las Vegas, from roller coasters and arcades to pools that include lazy rivers and real waves. The real entertainment, however, is in the shows.

If your kids or teenagers need entertainment, there are plenty of attractions and activities in Las Vegas.

Family Friendly Shows in Las Vegas:

  • The Blue Man Group - This is a high energy show that the entire family can get into. Feel the music and stimulate your senses. Your kids will be engaged throughout this entire show.
  • Mac King - Comedy, magic and a family friendly performer who delivers every afternoon on the Las Vegas strip. Easily one of the best shows in Las Vegas and it is very affordable.
  • Jeff Civillico - He juggles, he jokes and he entertains. Another super affordable show in the afternoon that will have your kids laughing and ready to join a circus.
  • Mystere at the Treasure Island Las Vegas - Cirque Du Soliel is for everyone but Mystere is simply the best. Introduce your kids to the best show in Las Vegas and they will have a blast.
  • Bellagio Fountains - The best free show in Las Vegas is walking distance from most of the Las Vegas strip hotels. Stand out in front of the Bellagio Hotel and the kids will enjoy the dancing fountains. If you really want them to have fun, wait until dusk, take them to the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas and watch the show from way up above. The kids will love that.
  • Fremont Street Experience, Downtown Las Vegas - The plan is simple. Go to Fremont Street in Downtown. Find a spot to watch the free light show. Buy them some fried Twinkies and some fried Oreos and your evening is set for very little out of pocket costs.
  • More Show Options in Las Vegas - Plenty of shows in Las Vegas work for kids but it really depends on just how much you want your kids exposed to.
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