Family Day in Canada

Family Day is celebrated in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

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In Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, the third Monday of February is observed as a public (or statutory) holiday known as Family Day. This same date is a holiday in other provinces under different names: Louis Riel Day in Manitoba, Islander Day in Prince Edward Island, and Heritage Day in Nova Scotia.

Family Day always falls on the same day as Presidents Day in the United States. 

Alberta introduced Family Day in 1990. as a way to break up the long stretch between New Year's and Easter and encourage families to spend time together.  In 2007 and 2008, Saskatchewan and Ontario, respectively, followed suit. 

As of 2013, British Columbia introduced Family Day, but holds it on the second Monday of February. 

In 2017, Family Day falls on Monday, February 20 in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. In British Columbia, Family Day fall on Monday February 13, 2017. 

In the provinces that do have a holiday, most workers, public or private, are entitled to take statutory holidays off with regular pay. A smattering of businesses remain open on holidays, such as medical clinics and some stores, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

What Does Family Day Mean for Visitors?

Visitors may not be impacted by the Family Day holiday, other than the fact that popular family-friendly attractions will be busier than usual. 

  • Banks, schools, and provincial government offices are closed. See more about what's open on Family Day
  • Public transportation may run on holiday schedule.

Tourist attractions, stores and restaurants in designated tourist areas, movie theatres, live performance theatres, many museums, galleries and other family-friendly attractions are open (always recommended to check ahead).

Family Day Holiday Dates

2016: Mon, Feb 15

2017: Mon, Feb 20

2018: Mon, Feb 19

2019: Mon, Feb 18

2020: Mon, Feb 17

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