Fall in Mexico: Weather and Event Guide

Why travel to Mexico in the Fall

San Miguel de Allende Street
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Each of the seasons offers a special experience in Mexico, and fall is no exception! Although winter is the most popular time of year to visit as folks look to escape the colder temperatures that take over up north, the autumn months offer some very special experiences. For many frequent travelers to Mexico, fall is in fact the preferred time to visit. Not only is the weather very pleasant, there are fun cultural festivals and events taking place, and smaller crowds mean there are some great deals to be found at this time of year. Read on to learn more about the excellent reasons to visit Mexico during the months of September, October and November.

The Weather

The weather in Mexico in the fall is particularly fine. Rainy season is coming to an end throughout most of the country so you'll get to enjoy the lush, green vegetation but you likely won't have to contend with very much rain. Hurricane season in Mexico ends in November, so there is still some chance of storms during the fall months, but they're statistically less likely than in the summer. Check to see if your hotel offers a hurricane guarantee and follow our other hurricane season travel tips. Find out more about the weather in Mexico to plan your fall season trip.

What to Pack

For travel to Mexico in the fall, it's probably a good idea to pack an umbrella or raincoat, since you may catch the last few rains of the year. If you're going to be in a high altitude area, you should definitely take a sweater or light jacket because evenings can get quite chilly. Even so, you should not forego sunscreen, because it's important to keep in mind that you can still get a sunburn even if it doesn't feel hot. If you're heading to the beach, you'll probably have warm weather but it may be a bit humid, so be sure to choose light, comfortable clothing. Check the weather forecast for your destination for particulars.

Festivals and Events

There are several celebrations you can participate in during the fall months. You may associate the fall season with going back to school or work after summer vacation, but here in Mexico we're just gearing up for some special holidays and events. Mexican Independence is celebrated in September and some of the festivities stretch out over the whole month, although the main celebration takes place on the 15th and 16th. The Festival Cervantino is an important and very large cultural festival that is held in Guanajuato every year in October. Day of the Dead is another Mexican holiday that takes place in the fall, and one that offers a unique glimpse into Mexican culture.

Find out more about fall festivals and events in Mexico:

The fall is also the time of year when Chiles en Nogada, one of Mexico's national dishes, is in season. This dish was invented in Puebla, but it's served throughout the country during the month of September, so if you're visiting Mexico in the fall, be sure to take the opportunity to try it.

Fall Travel Tips

The fall is an ideal time to plan a romantic escape to Mexico. Since it's low season, you'll enjoy few crowds and super-attentive service, and you may have many of the sights and attractions to yourselves: idyllic conditions for spending some time with your sweetie! There are fewer families traveling with children, so it's a good time to plan an adults-only getaway.

On the other hand, if you'd like to take a vacation with kids in tow, it's also a good time for that, as long as you don't have any problems taking the kids out of school. Some of the kids stay free deals offered by resorts in Mexico are available throughout the fall months (usually until shortly before Christmas), giving you a good excuse to stretch your summertime family fun out into the fall months.