Fall Festivals and Events in Milan, Italy

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If you're visiting Milan, Italy in October or November, you'll find plenty to do. Milan is famous for fashion and shopping, Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Last Supper, and the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.

Fall is a great time for strolling the streets and piazzas of Milan. The months between November and March are considered the off-season. The city is far less crowded than during the busy summer season, and while the weather may not always be agreeable, at least it probably won't be uncomfortably hot.

You can often find street performers entertaining near the cathedral, Galleria shopping mall, or at Sforza Castle, especially on the weekends. In addition to these attractions, there are colorful events and festivals held each fall. 

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Opera Season at La Scala

La scala opera house milan

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La Scala Opera House officially called Teatro Alla Scala, is one of Italy's most famous historic opera houses and is definitely worth a visit.

The building houses a bookshop, bar, and history museum, too. You can take a tour guided by docents with training in the history of music, theatre and performing arts.

Built in 1778, La Scala has hosted some of the world's best singers on its stage. You can also see a ballet or the symphony at La Scala. The Milan opera season continues through late November. Tickets can be purchased online

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Halloween Celebrations

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Although Halloween (All Saints' Eve, October 31), is not an Italian holiday, it's becoming popular, especially among young adults.

Halloween kicks off three days of celebration which also includes All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day. On Halloween, you'll find special dinners or events around town (usually advertised on posters).

Costume parties take place in many of Milan's nightclubs, so pack something creative if you're planning for a night on the town.

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International Motorcycle Expo

EICMA Motorcycle Show

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Held in early to mid-November, the EICMA Motorcycle Show draws motorcycle fans from all over the world to see the latest models and gear. Custom bike builders also show off their latest choppers.

The expo began in 1914 and now features exhibitors from nearly 40 countries. There are tracks where you can test the newest motorcycles and booths where you can purchase everything related to motorcycles. It's a festive affair with music, demonstrations and the glitz of an International trade show. 

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Milan Jazz Festival

Opera is not the only form of music beloved in Milan. Milan is also home to some great jazz. Most major cities have jazz clubs which organize special performances at regular intervals.

In Milan, the annual jazz festival, called JAZZMI, starts in the first week of November and can last for up to a month. You'll be able to visit a variety of venues to hear famous Italian and European jazz musicians.

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Milanoltre Dance Festival

Milanoltre dance festival

The Milanoltre Festival of dance has been a Milanese tradition for more than 30 years. This festival of contemporary dance features Italian and international artists. Each year, there are performances by major artists as well as opportunities to see up and coming artists and choreography.

The festival runs from mid-September through the third week in October with events held across the city.

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Deejay Ten Run

Deejay Ten Run at the Duomo

Deejay Ten 

Runners will appreciate knowing that the popular Deejay Ten running event takes place in October. It's a non-competitive 10k or 5k run from Piazza Duomo organized by DJ Linus, and it's one of the Italian running events that attracts more and more participants each year.

The route is closed to traffic and there are the traditional t-shirts and a finish party with refreshment and bands at the end.

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Fall Tours and Trips

Hop on Hop off bus in Milan

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Fall is a good time to visit Milan's masterpieces on a planned itinerary or walking tour. Milan tourism has developed itineraries for the visitor such as Following in the Footsteps of Leonardo DaVinci.

If you are not a fan of walking, there are a variety of trolley and bus tours to enjoy the sights of Milan. There is even an elegant restaurant tram where you can sip wine and enjoy delicious foods while you sightsee. 

A leisurely boat ride on one of Milan's canals would be beautiful in fall. There are five canals in the Navigli Lombardi system linking Milan to the lakes. These are the oldest artificial canals in Europe. 

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All Saints Day

All Saints' Day, also called Ognissanti or Festa di Tutti i Santi, is celebrated on November 1 to commemorate all Catholic saints. On this day, Catholics go to church and then join family and friends for a lengthy meal and exchange gifts.

It is a national holiday so many shops and services will be closed. Although it's mainly a religious holiday, there is sometimes music or other special events going on around the city.

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