Fake Engagement Rings to Wear When You Travel

Would you wear a fake diamond ring? There's nothing as romantic as receiving a marriage proposal accompanied by a genuine one to seal the deal. Regardless of all the hoopla that surrounds the bestowing of a diamond (yes, they are forever!), receiving a fake diamond engagement ring normally is at best a disappointment and at worst an insult.

Why You Should Want a Fake Engagement Ring

There are certain times when someone fortunate enough to have a real and flashy diamond ring will want to alternate it with a fake engagement ring: When you go on your honeymoon and when you travel alone on public transportation.

Wearing a fake diamond engagement ring on your travels can give you peace of mind if you leave your valuable one at home for safekeeping. The best ones are designed to closely resemble the real versions in stone and setting.

If you want a faux engagement ring that will fool just about everyone but a jeweler with a loupe, choose one where the size of the "diamond" is within...MORE the realm of credibility and the setting is simple and classic.

Caring for a Fake Diamond Ring

Once you return home, return the fake ring to its holder and bring your beautiful, genuine diamond engagement sparkler out of retirement. To keep the fake one in good condition for the next time you travel, follow directions on how to clean it. Or simply soak it overnight in a bowl of hot water with a spritz of dishwashing liquid. Avoid using a chemical jewelry cleaner made for authentic diamonds and precious metals as it may be too strong for a fake.

Even if You Leave the Real Ring at Home...

Consider insuring your diamond engagement ring before you leave on your honeymoon or romantic getaway. One way to guarantee that it won't get lost or stolen is to keep it in a bank vault when you don't wear it. But what about when you do? For peace of mind, check with your insurance agent to confirm that your ring is covered in your home policy. Or purchase dedicated jewelry insurance from a company such as Jewelers Mutual.

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    This fake engagement ring setting has a round "diamond" surrounded by smaller ones in the halo style. There are also several smaller fake stones on the band. Not only does this style evoke an antique design, it also makes the center stone appear larger.

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    cz ring
    ••• JC Penney.

    Cubic zirconium stones mimic diamonds, and to the untrained eye they can pass. This modern engagement ring setting has a 1.78-carat round stone surrounded by small round ones. It comes with a compatible CZ wedding band ring. 

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    If you have the reporter/talk show host's taste but not her mega-income, you can still wear a similar but faux engagement ring for a cost far less. She opted for the popular cushion cut, an old style that has become new again. Today some jewelers are embedding a round solitaire in a setting that attractively squares the design.

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    The priceless sapphire-and-diamond stunner that once graced Princess Diana's hand now rests on Prince William's love. As it did originally, the engagement ring spawned both desire and imitation. If you'd like to wear a ring that resembles this royal one, Amazon sells a fake version that may convince people that you, too, were kissed by a prince.

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    Not everyone wants to wear a big, blingy engagement ring when she travels -- even a fake one. This classic princess style ring has a 1.25 carat CZ stone on a sterling silver band. And it serves the purpose of letting onlookers know that you're married.

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    A ring from Brad Pitt with major bling, Angela Jolie wore what Us Magazine described as "a tablet-shaped diamond engagement ring -- estimated at 16 carats and worth $500,000." The design was surely meaningful to them, as it has six side stones, one for each of their children at the time of their engagement. If you don't have half-a-mil in cash but covet the ring, Amazon makes a fake version at a fraction of the price with even more side stones.

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    Amazon offers a large selection of cubic zirconium rings, styles, and prices. Browse here to find one that suits you. You may find a fake engagement ring that looks just like the real diamond one you intend to leave at home.

Since many women today are opting for engagement rings that use stones other than diamonds or only use diamonds as accent stones around a colored gemstone, it's entirely possible to get a genuine and stylish engagement ring for far less than what one with a big diamond would cost. Although you may feel more comfortable traveling wearing a ring of lesser value, it's still wise to wear a faux bauble when visiting unfamiliar lands.