Fairhill Farm Country Vacation Rentals

Fairhill Farms
Fairhill Farms

The Fairhill Farm Country Vacation Rentals offer three rental properties, a family home and two cottages that are nestled in the South River Valley at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the middle of ​Virginia. More information can be found at the ​Fair Hill Farm USA website. You can enjoy the beauty of the mountains while still having all of the amenities that you are used to at your home. Your next vacation rental may just be your best one yet.​

Room for the Whole Family

The three bedroom home at the High Fields Farm can house seven vacationers. Extra guests are allowed to visit during the day with permission from the management staff, but only seven can stay in the house. The house is decorated in a Country French style and has a gourmet kitchen that the chef in the family can use to create stunning meals unless he or she is planning a vacation from cooking during their stay. The cottages at Fairhill Farm can house six guests per stay. These vacation rentals have abundant greenery and plenty of scenery to see while hiking, biking, and swimming.

Plenty of Amenities and Something for Animal Lovers

The farm has cats, dogs, and horses for guests to enjoy petting and observing when they visit the farm and stay in the family farmhouse or one of the two cottages. They are situated on more than 300 acres of U.S. farmland. Both locations have swimming pools. Guests can also use the fully-equipped gourmet kitchen, home theater system with DVD player and satellite television, washer and dryer, hairdryer, large front porches with rocking chairs, feather beds, down comforters, and much more. There are ponds and river access for avid fishermen.

Gas grills and a screened in porch make a perfect excuse to barbecue.​

High-speed Internet access helps people stay in touch if necessary. Wood floors, gas fireplaces, high-quality linens, ironing boards, paper products, central air, and open floor plans make the cottages and the house feel like a home away from home according to previous guests. There are private hiking trails to explore. Families can rent all three vacation homes for reunions and family gatherings. The farms are also used for weddings and receptions as well. One reviewer on Yelp said that she wished she could give the farm more than five stars.

Guests can also opt for extras for a fee like early check-ins, guided trail rides, a French romance package, wine, private chef, and horse and buggy rides.

How to Book

The company that owns the Fairhill Farm Country Vacation Rentals is a private property management company. They are based out of Stanardsville, VA. They operate several vacation rental chains in the State of Virginia. Interested parties can ask for reservation help online through the reservation window or by calling directly at 434-990-9504. Prices are listed for viewing on the website along with in-season and off-season dates and minimum stay requirements. Half of the deposit by check, cash, or money order is required for reservations.

The other half of the cost along with taxes and any extra services are expected at checkout.

The best way to protect reserved money is to make sure that the property is unreserved at least 14 days in advance. A note, though, if the home is not rented by the canceled dates, the reservation will not be refunded no matter how early the cancellation is made. The company only rents the three homes they offer at Fairhill Farm and others near Charlotte under their property management company. Interactions are usually between the staff and the website. The company and the farms are highly rated on sites like Yelp.