Fun Facts About Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

If you arrive in Amsterdam by air, you'll land at one of the most modern, efficient travel hubs in the world, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Here, find fun, unexpected trivia about this world-class airport.

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    Clearing Security Grants You Access to the Rijksmuseum

    Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
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    In case you don't make it to the Rijksmuseum during your stay in Amsterdam, you can visit the permanent Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Schiphol, an annex of the city's top art museum. The first-ever museum in an airport terminal, this scaled-down exhibition offers free access, boasts the same level of world-class art and sells the souvenirs you'd find at its full-size cousin. Find it behind passport control on what's known as "Holland Boulevard".

    Note that the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be closed for renovation until summer 2016.

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    You Can Get Married at the Airport

    Marketed as a way to be one step closer to the honeymoon, Schiphol Airport offers wedding planning for unique ceremonies at several different aviation-related venues. You can get married in a hangar or atop the Skyport building for a view of landing aircraft. Or have a small reception aboard a 1930s Dakota airplane as it soars through Dutch skies. For more information about how to say "I do!" at an international airport, visit the Schiphol Weddings site.

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    It's One of the World's Busiest Airports

    According to's Guide to Air Travel Arlene Fleming, Schiphol is the twelfth-busiest airport in the world based on passenger traffic (see the others). Operating company Schiphol Group reports 58.3 million passengers passed through the airport in 2015. Schiphol also ranks fifth among Europe's busiest airports and is the endpoint for the one of the busiest international air routes in Europe, London-Heathrow to Amsterdam.

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    It's One of the Best Airports in Europe

    As an airport, Schiphol has received worldwide acclaim, with nearly 200 awards under its belt. In both 2007 and 2012, British magazine Business Traveller voted Amsterdam Airport Schiphol "Best Airport in Europe" based on passenger experience.

    Schiphol also routinely appears at the top of "Best Airports in the World" lists. In 2015, Schiphol ranked ninth in the World Airport Awards' Top 10 Airports, one of just four European airports in the list (beside Munich, Zürich and London); the rest were located in East Asia.

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    You Can Walk on Schiphol's Roof

    If you have some time to spare at the airport on a fair-weather day, head up to the Panorama Terrace, where you can watch jets creep into gates and spy on baggage handlers as they do their jobs. The Panorama terrace offers a fantastic view of the aircraft and the platforms. If you want to take the weight off your feet, why not go to one of the Panorama restaurants and enjoy this fascinating spectacle. You can reach the restaurants by following the route between Arrivals 1 and 2 and via Arrivals 3.

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