Extraordinary Journeys Africa: Custom Luxury Safaris

Extraordinary Journeys Africa is also known as EJ Africa. The company organizes "bespoke" (custom-tailored) Africa safaris and trips for couples, families, and individual travelers.

Extraordinary Journeys Africa luxury African safaris mix and match various vacation elements to come up with unique custom itineraries. Extraordinary Journeys Africa has planned over 500 private trips to Africa, each one unique. Company staffers get to know you through phone calls and email, and put long hours into planning the details of your unique private luxury safari and making connections for you in Africa.

Extraordinary Journeys Africa Tours crisscross the continent. Destinations include Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

Travel may combine resort stays with safari days and active adventure with gentler pursuits such as wildlife-watching during Africa's great annual wildlife migration. Destination transport may be by private planes, 4x4s, luxury trains, hot-air balloons, elephant, camel, and horse. The traveler decides, based on information and suggestions from Extraordinary Journeys Africa.​
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The Mother and Daughter Behind It All

This New York City-based tour company was founded in 2003 by Marcia Gordon and her daughter Elizabeth. Marcia has worked in the African travel industry for over 30 years as director and president of leading luxury tour companies.

Daughter Elizabeth was born in Africa, where Marcia owns a home. After graduating from Stanford University, Elizabeth worked in Namibia, she managing high-end luxury safari camps. Both Gordons know Africa as residents, with insiders' knowledge and personal connections to African properties, guides, and attractions.

What Kind of Tours Are Available?

Extraordinary Journeys Africa creates custom tours and vacations in Africa, primarily in safari and wildlife destinations. There are no set tours. Itineraries are customized for the travelers. One or more African countries can be visited. Activities can range from rugged (Elephant Back Safaris and Scuba Diving Africa, for example) to indulgent (Balloon Safari or Spa Africa.)

Who Takes the Tours?

Extraordinary Journeys Africa Tours cater to various configurations of luxury travelers: couples (including many honeymoon duos), families, groups of friends intrepid solo travelers.

What Extraordinary Africa travelers share is a desire to see the real Africa and to avoid touristy safaris.

Extraordinary Journeys Africa travelers also share a willingness to splurge on once-in-a-lifetime experiences when the circumstances call for it.

Twenty percent of Extraordinary Journeys Africa clients are repeat guests, a high percentage for the safari industry. One of three new clients is a personal referral from a previous Extraordinary Journeys Africa traveler.

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Will You Like the Tour?

Marcia (left) and Elizabeth Gordon Marcia (left) and Elizabeth Gordon of Extraordinary Journeys Africa.The EJ Africa founders and leaders

Extraordinary Journeys Africa

Is This the Right Luxury Safari for You (or Not)?

The answer is probably yes if:
• You are a seasoned traveler with definite tastes, and you want a voice in every aspect of your tour, including scheduling, accommodations, and activities}
• You want to go beyond the cookie-cutter safari tours and create the African adventure of your dreams
• You will welcome the input of African luxury travel specialists who are always available for your vacation planning questions
• You prefer an active, hands-on style of travel, with frequent movement and activities

The answer is probably no if:
• You're new to African travel, and would want a "greatest hits" packaged tour or safari for your "intro to Africa" visit
• You don't want to spend any time consulting with an African travel expert, and would rather just get a ready-made itinerary
• You like meeting new people on package tour groups and traveling with them
• You'd rather fly to Africa, get to a luxury wilderness camp and stay there, with as little moving around as possible

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Custom Luxury Safaris

Extraordinary Journeys Africa travelers can opt to stay at Giraffe Manor near Nairobi, Kenya Giraffe Manor hotel in Africa

The Safari Collection

What's Unique

Says Extraordinary Journeys Africa co-founder Marcia Gordon, "We consider ourselves Africans. We know Africa inside-out and bring this intimacy to Extraordinary Journeys Africa clients. We also are very good at matching the right experience to the right person instead of imposing our tastes on your African vacation or safari."

In addition, Extraordinary Journeys Africa makes a point of having extensive personal knowledge of every lodge, venue, and guide on client itineraries. Says Marcia, "Our goal is to create the best experience for each person, not the just the best known or most expensive places."

Tour Leaders

Specialist guides are employed for small groups. Says Elizabeth Gordon, "Our guides' knowledge of their areas is unbelievable, and they know how to have fun."

Clients who are couples typically do not have a private guide throughout but are personally met at every camp or lodge.


Extraordinary Journeys Africa accommodations include safari lodges, wilderness camps, private luxury villas, boutique hotels, and resort properties throughout safari country. Most properties are small and one-on-one, with an intimate atmosphere that may be very private or very social, as the clients wish.

The company gives preference to hotel partners that enforce green sustainability and support community involvement.

Commitment to Africa

Extraordinary Journeys Africa is committed to the African communities that house their guides, hotels, and all-important wildlife. Among the company's African projects are cultural exchanges, environmental sustainability initiatives, support of schools and hospitals, and reintroduction of native plant and animal species.

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