Paradise Helicopters' Magnum Experience Tour

The Scenic Takeoff Point is on Turtle Bay on Oahu

Leward Coast view from Paradise Helicopters

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Taking a helicopter tour of the Hawaiian Islands is a favorite tourist activity. It gives you a birds-eye view of the spectacular geography and all in just a few hours, at most. It's especially great for a first-time visitor to Hawaii. Paradise Helicopters is a top helicopter tour operator in Hawaii, and it flies tours from Oahu, Hilo, and Kona on Hawaii's Big Island. Book your tour online and you'll get instructions about check-in time and clothing recommendations; remember to take a camera and sunglasses.

Paradise Helicopters Tours

Paradise Helicopters offers 21 tours, including four from Turtle Bay. Besides the Magnum Experience tour detailed here, you can take the North Shore Sunset Spectacular tour, the North Shore Adventure Tour, or the Valleys and Waterfalls Explorer. All promise great views and memorable Hawaiian experiences. The Oahu tours fly out of a helipad at the Turtle Bay Resort, about halfway between Haleiwa on the North Shore's western end and Kaneohe Bay at the southern point of Oahu's Windward Coast. It's the perfect location to start a helicopter tour focusing on those areas. 

Helicopter at Paradise Helicopters
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Paradise Helicopter Pilots

Paradise Helicopters calls its pilots the most trusted in the industry and says several flew Marine One for three U.S. presidents. They also know about Hawaiian history, culture, and geology and share that insight with passengers on the flight, making it more interesting and giving valuable context. In other words, you'll know what you are seeing. And they can all land remotely, giving you access to places many visitors never see.

The Magnum Experience Tour

Paradise Helicopters' tour called Turtle Bay: Magnum Experience has an add-on that features no doors, which provides an outstanding picture-taking opportunity. (While the lack of doors allows for better photo opportunities since there is no window glare, the wind does affect your ability to hold your camera steady. A camera strap is an absolute must with the doors off.) The helicopter also has window seats. In addition to the pilot and passenger seat up front, there are four seats in the back, with two seats facing each other on each side of the helicopter. Everyone is assured of a great view. If you want a no-doors flight and a window seat, you'll pay extra for each upgrade.

What You'll See

The Magnum Experience flight path takes you over Kaliuwa‘a (Sacred Falls), the Ka’a’awa Valley, Le‘ahi (Diamond Head), Waikiki Beach, and Pearl Harbor, and then takes a low-level pass off the shores of Waikiki. This amounts to a sky-high view of the top tourist spots in the Hawaiian Islands, and you'll get an idea of their proximity to one another in a great view from above.


Paradise Helicopters will charter a flight for you that goes wherever you want to fly. You can see waterfalls, valleys, coastlines, beaches, and volcanoes. You can arrange to stop anywhere you choose -- at a waterfall, a coffee estate, or in a rainforest. You can even make a stop that includes a full-on picnic in a spectacular location.

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