The Best Places to Visit When Exploring Australia Solo

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Travelling throughout the vast and varied land of Australia is a rite of passage for any explorer, but traveling alone is something that can be described as a spiritual experience. It’s an ideal country to visit on your own, as there are so many holidaymakers journeying to its shores that you’ll rarely be on your own.

That said, one of the greatest benefits of solo traveling within Australia is the ability to be fully immersed in a new world. With no one holding you back, you’re free to run on your own schedule, which makes the journey just as important as the destination.

Must-See Destinations in Australia for Solo Travelers

So as you prepare to explore our beautiful island nation, what are the top must-see destinations for you as a solo traveler?

1. Explore the Great Ocean Road, Victoria.

Home to the 12 Apostles, this 151-mile road offers something unique to all those who follow its path. Recommended by travel agent Debbie Trip from Travel Managers, the Great Ocean Road is perfect for any solo traveler.

“The Great Ocean Road is great to explore on your own. Stop by Lorne, the 12 Apostles, treat yourself to a helicopter flight over each, stay overnight at Port Campbell then move on to Warrnambool,” she says.

Activities such as group surfing lessons and zip-lining tours allow you to see everything The Great Ocean Road has to offer, and this heritage-listed landmark is definitely worthy of exploration.  

2. Wander through the Whitsundays, Queensland.

To view the breathtaking waters of the Whitsundays is an awe-inspiring experience in itself. As one of Queensland’s most captivating sites, this natural attraction is a must-see for any solo-explorer.

Recommended by travel specialist Mandy Bradtke, the coral seas of the Whitsundays are nothing short of paradise. “There’s nothing quite like helping set sail on the beautiful waters of the Whitsundays and getting to know your fellow passengers,” she says.

 3. Go to the Grampians, Victoria.

The Grampians sights and sounds offer more than idle scenery, according to Mandy. “It’s fabulous for anyone needing to see Aussie wildlife – roos, emus, koalas and the odd echidna and snake abound,” she explains.

With this heritage-listed site in Victoria as your backdrop, the Grampians are a perfect spot to create timeless memories.

4. Engage with Eli Creek, Queensland.

Queensland’s Eli Creek is one of Australia’s finest sources for clear, natural water. Providing approximately four million liters of fresh water per year, Eli Creek is undoubtedly one of Australia’s greatest spaces for relaxation. 

“[It is] the most relaxing time floating in the crystal clear fresh water, down towards the beach. Excellent for people of any age, they don’t even need to know how to swim,” Mandy explains.

This space is perfect for any traveler yearning to find that perfect spot to let loose and relax by the waterfront.

5. See the Riverland, South Australia.

South Australia’s Riverland is an area that truly allows you to choose your own adventure. Whether you’re dreaming of a relaxing getaway or an adventure fuelled trip of a lifetime, the Riverland is the place for you.

“Fabulous spot and world-class beer make this a must see in South Australia’s Riverland,” Mandy suggests.

When this breath-taking scenery is met with a top of the line-brewery, charming houseboats and gorgeous cottages, the Riverland is the perfect location for any solo explorer.

6.  Explore Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney, often-dubbed Australia’s finest city, is the ideal location for any solo explorer to get lost in.

Whether you’re hitting the main tourist sites such as the Harbour Bridge or the Opera House or simply wandering through the city, you’re bound to find something that you’ll absolutely love.

Rich with culture, beauty and extravagance, the city is just a mere train ride away from landmark locations such as Bondi Beach.

With something for everyone, Sydney is bound to be a place where any solo-explorer will find something that they adore.

7. Take in Perth on a walking tour.

Offering beauty and peace within a contemporary environment, Perth is a fascinating city – and there’s no better way to get to know it than by walking its back streets, nooks, and crannies.

Recommended by specialist Alison Banks, these walking tours are extraordinarily fun and intimate. “Hit the streets on a cool walking tour with ‘Two Feet & a Heartbeat’ ­ a company that also does tours of Fremantle and Rottnest Island,” Alison advises. It’s the best way to get to know the city behind the tourism brochures.

Perth is a six-hour flight from Australia’s east coast, but it’s worth the trek, especially if you plan to see a few different attractions during your stay. We recommend the Margaret River wine region and the incredible burnt-orange landscapes of Broome, to name but a few.

8. Swim with dolphins in Moreton Bay, Queensland.

To swim with the dolphins is an experience that every explorer should try to tick off their bucket list in Australia, regardless of whether you’re traveling on your own or not.

Travel agent Danielle Goncalves recommends you try to swim with the dolphins on Moreton Island in Queensland, as the scenery and experience are as good as you’ll get.

But if Moreton Bay isn’t on your list of travel destinations, never fear: there are opportunities to swim with these gentle ocean creatures all over Australia.

9. Tango in Townsville, Queensland.

Located in far north Queensland, Townsville is a thriving township located around two-hours flight time north of Brisbane.

From here, travelers can access the famed Great Barrier Reef, where you can scuba dive and meet and great the incredible ocean life. Closer to dry land, you can explore some of the attractions that Townsville has to offer, including beautiful Magnetic Island. Sleepy and sweet by day, the Island comes alive during its monthly Full Moon Parties – which give you a great opportunity to dance the night away and meet other young, like-minded travelers!  

Though the great Australian landscape can seem like a daunting adventure, these examples show just how much beauty there is to see down under!