What to Do at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

••• Luxor Las Vegas with a view of the strip. Photo By Zeke Quezada

Budget travelers heading to Las Vegas can expect a good deal and affordable options on food, entertainment, and attractions at Luxor Las Vegas Resort and Hotel. Located on the south end of the Las Vegas strip, this resort sits between an upper-end hotel in Mandalay Bay and a budget-friendly resort, Excalibur Las Vegas. Its proximity to these nearby resorts as well as the intersection of Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd. make it ideal for a budget traveler who can afford slightly more than the cheapest accommodations but still wants to experience all that Las Vegas has to offer.

An indoor walkway connects to Mandalay Place for food and entertainment options and easy access to Mandalay Bay Resort and Delano Las Vegas. Inside Mandalay Place, food options in Hussong's Cantina, Slice of Vegas and Burger Bar are casual and convenient while offering meals at an affordable price. On the north end of the casino, a walkway connects Luxor Las Vegas to Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

What to Do at Luxor Hotel and Casino?

  • Bodies the Exhibition at the Luxor Las Vegas  -  This attraction allows the visitor to get an in-depth look at the anatomy and the workings of the human body through interactive displays and real-life exhibits. Yes, these are real bodies on display so consider that before you enter. It's not in any way a farce, in fact, it is set up in such a clinical and informative way that you'll find yourself getting really close to human tissue just to understand what is on display.
  • Titanic - The Artifact Exhibition at Luxor Las Vegas - A walk through this exhibit helps you understand why the Titanic has long been a story that is told over and over. Opulence and legend are combined to reveal a fascinating narrative about a disastrous cruise. The artifacts reveal tiny bits of history and individual stories that give you a sense of time and place for this tragedy.  
  • Blue Man Group - If you love to move your feet and clap your hands, this is one of those shows that will satisfy you. Loud music, imaginative performance and a sensory display of lights and movements make this a great show for all audiences.
  • Criss Angel Mindfreak Live! - A magic show that is simply described as great for his fans but underwhelming for most everyone else.
  • Fantasy - A seductive show led by beautiful performers who role-play a few of your favorite fantasies. Entertainment in the form of dance and sound, this show works for couples and is sultry enough for the adventurous but not so much that it crosses the line into sleazy.
  • Carrot Top - Yes, he is still at it and in Las Vegas he still makes people laugh with his props and his sense of style. You have to see this show once to realize that he is more than just a guy who pulls stuff out of a box. He's hilarious.

Where You'll Sleep at Luxor Hotel and Casino

  • Luxor Las Vegas - The rooms that are in the pyramid tower are a little dated but they still slant down and away from you. You are sleeping in a Pyramid and there has to be something said for the "Vegasness" of it. The rooms feel smaller than most on the Las Vegas strip because of the lost space near the walls. It's not ultra fancy but it is a great deal.

What to Eat at Luxor Hotel and Casino

  • Tacos and Tequila at Luxor Las Vegas
  • Hussong's Las Vegas
  • Tender Steak and Seafood
  • Public House at Luxor
  • Rice and Company

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  • Luxury Las Vegas Hotel - The towels are fluffy and the beds practically kidnap you.
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