Explore Reno's Mix of Old and New Neighborhoods

Reno's neighborhoods represent the region's demographic mix and history. There are places to live for every style and budget. Old Southwest Reno is one of the originals while South Meadows and Damonte Ranch are among the newest neighborhoods out on the edges of the metro area. Let's explore just a handful of Reno's neighborhoods so you can get a better sense of the city.

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Downtown Reno

Cars driving down the main strip in Reno with view of the Reno sign behind them

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Reno's downtown condos started proliferating seriously in the early 2000s. During the hot housing market, several projects were started from scratch and tired old hotel-casino properties were snatched up for condo conversions.

Places like The Montage and The Palladio offer luxury with great views. Others like the Riverside Artist Lofts have a specific clientele. One thing's for sure, this boom in living downtown offers great access to everything Reno has to offer, including nightlife, restaurants, and art galleries.

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Old Southwest Reno

Two people sitting along the River in Old Southwest Reno

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The Old Southwest Reno neighborhood is right next to downtown. Tree-lined streets and a mix of well-preserved, historic houses make this one of Reno's most desirable areas.

The proximity of Old Southwest to downtown ensures that great places are nearby. Just to the northwest of the neighborhood, you'll find Idlewild Park and to the northeast, the Nevada Museum of Art. Following the river further east will bring you to the Reno Riverwalk District, another popular attraction for the area.

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Donner Springs

Houses around a lake with mountains in the background

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Most homes in Donner Springs were built in the 1970s and 80s. This area was the edge of town back then, with not much else to the south until you got to Carson City.

This was a planned subdivision and is all houses. Supporting businesses are around the perimeter, but not inside the neighborhood like you find in many other places.

Big trees give Donner Springs an established and comfortable feeling. Many residents also feel like it's the most convenient neighborhood in the metro area.

There are two notable parks nearby. Mira Loma Park has something for everyone and it's a nice place for a lazy afternoon or picnic. Just to the south of Donner Springs is Huffaker Hills where you'll find a trailhead that leads to a trail system with some of the best views in the area.

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Hidden Valley

A man running down a trail

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Hidden Valley is in southeast Reno and set up against the mountains. It is separated from the rest of the city by Rosewood Lakes Golf Course and the UNR Main Station Farm.

It's a quiet neighborhood with a mix of homes and no significant traffic driving through. It is also where you'll find Hidden Valley Regional Park. Here, you can enjoy a bounty of open public space, get on your mountain bike or enjoy a good hike, and experience views of the mountains and unique geology. 

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South Meadows and Double Diamond

Neighborhood in South Meadows

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South Meadows (or Double Diamond, depending on who you talk to) is one of Reno's newest neighborhoods. It was not too long ago that area was just raw land, but developers quickly changed that.

The neighborhood is filled with larger and very new homes and many parks can be found inside its boundaries. It also has large, curvy street and many include bike lanes, so it's easy to get around.

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Damonte Ranch

A playground with mountains in the background

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Damonte Ranch is another of Reno's newest neighborhoods and it's next door to South Meadows. It was open space until development began around 2000. When the housing bubble burst in 2008, it put a halt to much of the construction and it has taken some time to regain a footing.

Called a master planned community, Damonte Ranch is organized as a series of subdivisions with names like Rio Bravo, Copper Creek, Saddle Ridge, Dorado, and Kentfield Park. It has an uncrowded, residential community feeling and bigger homes are the norm.

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Wells Avenue Neighborhood

Storefronts on Wells Avenue

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Reno's Wells Avenue neighborhood and shopping district is a piece of how Reno used to be. The historic area is a mix of businesses and homes along both sides of Wells Avenue, creating a district where most everything is within walking distance.

Wells Avenue is a part of Reno where diversity is the key ingredient to the flavor of the area. You'll find dive bars and classy restaurants, and plenty of places to shop. It has some working class charm mixed with a hometown feeling. While it's seeing some updates, it retains its unique character.