5 Places in Brooklyn to Experience Magic

During the doldrums of winter a little fun and fantasy offer a much needed respite from grey days and chilly nights. Going far beyond the book (or film), the following five immersive spaces in Williamsburg aspire to bring out the magical side of us all. 

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    Unicorn Latte: The End Brooklyn

    Gina Zammit

    We all learned the fate of the unicorn in that terrifying song from childhood by the Irish Rovers. While the majestic horned beauties may no longer be in existence, The End Brooklyn, is offering a tiny taste of their magic and whimsy in a unicorn latte. You’ll have to pony up $9 for this rainbow refreshment, which, despite its name, lacks any coffee. However, its color (and powers) are derived from good-for-you live blue green algae, cold pressed lemon juice, steamed coconut milk, a dash of honey and cayenne pepper, and the fruit world’s newest superstar, the maqui berry, to give a jolt to your day. 522 Metropolitan Avenue.

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    Harry Potter Pasta: Pasta Wiz

    Pasta Wiz

    Within days of opening, Pasta Wiz gained the reputation as the “Harry Potter pasta place”. While the correlation between Italian food and the wizarding world is unclear, the decor resembles the Great Hall at Hogwarts, making it stand out among the other fast casual lunch spots in the area. Sadly, butterbeer isn’t on the menu, but you will find Potter inspired juices and smoothies such as the Dark Lord, and pasta dishes like magic meatballs and Mediterranean wiz. The organic pasta is made fresh in-house daily, and for the more carb-averse, there’s a selection of salads. And, because no magical meal is complete without dessert, there are cakes, crepes and ice cream to choose from. 60 North 1st Street.

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    Nitehawk Cinema

    Liz Clayman

    The love of Harry Potter seems to run deep in Kings County, as another neighborhood favorite, Nitehawk Cinema, is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary release of the novel, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Along with screenings of all of the films, the dine-in theater and bar is offering its own versions of fan favorites such as chocolate frogs, Gillywater, and a more adult version of butterbeer (with alcohol). If you’re looking for current movies, new Hollywood hits such as La La Land and Manchester by the Sea are shown nightly; those titles also have special film-inspired menu items and drink pairings, like the L.A. Sunset, to further enhance the movie watching experience. For true immersion seekers, attend one of the special “Film Feasts," where a multicourse dinner is prepared while watching classic hits. 136 Metropolitan Avenue.

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    Hall of Magic NYC

    Gina Zammit

    Speaking of immersion, in honor of the second season premiere of Syfy’s The Magicians this month, a “Hall of Magic” is opening for a limited time at the William Vale Hotel from, January 20th through Sunday, January 29th. 

    Sign up for tickets for this free experience, and enter a world of magic making, where mind control, and levitation are all real world possibilities. Enroll as a Brakebills University student for the day as you traverse through multiple interactive rooms, casting spells, solving challenges and unearthing the hidden mysteries of the school. Taking photos and video are allowed throughout the venue, so bring your camera and impress your friends with your newfound sorcery skills. 111 North 12th Street.

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    Then She Fell

    Then She Fell

    Last on the list for the magic seekers is an experience so intense, it goes beyond immersion into submersion. Dive head first into a fantastical world of fantasy by attending Then She Fell by Third Rail Projects, an intimate, and multi-sensory experience presented to just 15 audience members a night. Lovers of Alice in Wonderland will experience a much darker, haunting tale, beginning in a creepy hospital ward, and explore the hidden depths of a Lewis Carroll dreamscape as you move about the space. A show designed to be experienced alone, guests often find themselves in private encounters with the cast, trailing off to uncover secret scenes and enjoy a spirited drink. 195 Maujer Street.