Expensive Cities You Think You Can't Afford to Visit

Are you one of those budget-conscious travelers who skips the world's most expensive cities? If so, remember many of those places also offer the greatest travel treasures. Even though a city might be expensive, you can achieve value for your expenditures. There are tricks and bargains to be found everywhere, even in the most expensive locations. Want some examples? Check out how the financial firm UBS ranked 73 major cities. The results are posted at CityMayors.com. Each of the following cities frequently rank among the 30 most expensive cities in the world. Read on, and discover how you can afford to visit any one of them.

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    New York City
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    As with London, it's possible to save a lot of money getting here due to the volume of air traffic. After arrival, consider that some of the best New York experiences are free: window shopping on Fifth Avenue, a ride on the Staten Island ferry, or a visit to the set of your favorite television show.

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    Modern Vienna, along the Danube River
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    One of the great budget travel experiences in expensive Vienna, according to writer Alexis Lipsitz Flippin, is visiting some of the 26 open-air markets in the city. You can skip the boutique restaurants that ring the markets and assemble a fresh picnic lunch from the produce and cheeses available in the markets. Want some additional tips? Check out Flippin's take on a budget visit to Vienna.

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    Paris landmarks attract travelers from around the world.
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    Paris has a somewhat deserved reputation for expensive food. But that food is often of such high quality that the relative costs are not really that outrageous. Enjoy the experience as you save money on transportation because Paris has one of the world's greatest mass transit systems. You can cover a lot of ground in a short time and at a reasonable cost. Among our other money-saving tips is this: The best view of Paris is available to you free of charge.

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    Munich offers visitors an architectural potpourri.
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    Munich might among the world's most expensive cities, but it also hosts Germany's largest student population (about 100,000). Find where students reside, and you'll find plenty of affordable food. The city's many beer gardens serve up hendl, an inexpensive and tasty roasted chicken.

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    Los Angeles offers budget travelers much to see and do.
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    Airport shoppers can choose a number of money-saving options here, and some of America's best free attractions are found in Southern California. Want examples? Drive the Coastal Highway, peruse the Hollywood Walk of Fame and visit the spectacular Getty Museum without spending a dime.

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    Rome offers many historic treasures.
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    Rome tends to be expensive because it offers so much to see and do. Longer stays are necessary to accomplish your travel goals. Offset those costs by staying in a clean, convenient convent and eating in neighborhood trattorias that offer hospitality and huge portions at reasonable prices. There are also plenty of budget hotel options in Rome. Among other money saving tips for Rome: Take time to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

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    The Tower Bridge is itself a major London tourist attraction.
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    London's notorious hotel costs are offset somewhat by the huge selection of airfares. There are no less than six major airports serving London, and many travelers are able to piece together a strategy that allows them to take advantage of special offers and budget airlines that abound here.

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    Amsterdam canals show you a beautiful side of the city.
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    Although on a world level Amsterdam is an expensive city, it is also more affordable than many of its Western European neighbors. Students touring Europe have contributed to the local tourism industry for generations. They find a selection of budget hotels, affordable attractions and filling meals on a budget.

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    The Cloud Gate, sometimes referred to as "the bean," is a highlight of Chicago's Millennium Park.
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    Business travelers visit Chicago quite a bit, but so do people in search of a nice weekend escape. It's possible to sample the city's famous deep-dish pizza, take in a game at Wrigley Field and see one of the world's greatest museum districts without breaking the bank.

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    Berlin Brandenburg Gate
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    Berlin offers so much: Enough museums to visit a different one each day for six months, enough recent history to stagger the mind and enough culture to please the most demanding patron. It's the gateway to Eastern Europe, and yet it is not a major air hub. That will change in time, but it makes getting here more expensive. Cut your costs by taking advantage of an outstanding transportation system, a host of low-cost lodgings and quite a few free attractions.