Expedia's Newest Giveaway Is One More Reason to Watch the Super Bowl Ads

Keep your eye on the ads if you want to win the vacation of a lifetime

View from the airplane window on a beautiful sunset above the clouds.
Anton Petrus / Getty Images

There are two types of people that watch the Super Bowl: those who tune in to watch the game, and those who tune in to watch the ads (and probably the halftime show too). However, this year, it would be in everyone's best interest to keep a close eye on the ads.

Expedia, the massive online travel booking company, is giving 20 Super Bowl viewers the opportunity to win the vacation of their dreams. The first 19 will be worth up to $5,000, and one grand prize winner will receive a vacation worth up to $25,000. Each mystery destination will be inspired by one of the many commercials that air during the game.

The company will be airing its own ad for the first time in almost a decade. While we won't know what the actual ad is until the day of the game, we do know that the ad features a new celebrity spokesperson, Ewan McGregor, to relay to viewers that "what matters most is experiences."

You don't have to wait until Super Bowl Sunday to get yourself ready to win. The prizes will be rewarded in the form of points, so you'll need to be an Expedia Rewards member to enter, and you'll also need to be following the company on Twitter to be eligible to win.

On game day, get ready to quote a retweet from Expedia's account that relates to the commercial, along with the hashtag #TravelTheAds. The contest starts as soon as the game kicks off on Feb. 13 at 6:30 p.m. EST and ends at 2:59 a.m. the next day (Feb 14).