These 6 Travel Hacks Will Help You Save Time and Money on Your Next Flight

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As we all witnessed, air travel has been somewhat of a crapshoot for the last few years, with cancellations and delays often becoming the norm. And with airports seeing record passenger numbers as of late, planning a stress-free trip in the immediate future feels unlikely, if not impossible.

But all is not lost. To help you avoid any potential travel pains, Expedia released six travel hacks for anyone traveling by air, including the best time to buy or fly, and how to decrease your odds of a delay. And the best part is, each one is backed by data collected by the online travel company. 

At the top of their money-saving tips, Expedia says that travelers should book their flights on a Sunday. Securing a flight on Sundays saves an average of 15 percent, up 5 percent from last year. The report adds that travelers can also save 15 percent, on average, if they choose flights that depart on a Wednesday. 

So, how far in advance should you book for the best deal? According to the Expedia report, you can save up to an average of 10 percent if you book your tickets at least one month ahead of domestic flights and at least six months in advance for international flights

Expedia also advises traveling during off-peak flight times to avoid delays—and while this tip isn’t anything we haven’t heard before, the travel company found that you will decrease your chances of a cancellation by a staggering 50 percent if you book yourself on a flight that departs before 3 p.m.

The study’s main takeaway, though, is to set price alerts for any flights or destinations you’re interested in flying. Seems like an obvious thing to do, but many travelers skip this step.

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