ExOfficio BugsAway Apparel is Built for Adventure Travelers

ExOfficio adventure travel clothing

One of the biggest challenges that adventure travelers face when on the road come in the form of tiny insects. These pesky bugs aren't just annoying however, as they often carry dangerous diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and dengue. Some of those viruses can be controlled through medications and inoculations, but in in the case of something like the Zika virus, there is no treatment at the moment.

That's where the BugsAway line of clothing from ExOfficio can come in handy, serving as a line of defense not just against mosquitoes, but ticks, flies, ants, chiggers, and midges too. Those are all common insects that we encounter in our travels, and having a non-chemical way of keeping them at bay is certainly a nice alternative to traditional bug replant. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out some of the latest products to ExOfficio's line-up, and as usual came away quite impressed. Here are some thoughts on new additions to their catalog that you'll want to have in your wardrobe. 

BugsAway Sandfly Pant ($80)
Incredibly lightweight and versatile, the new Sandfly Pant is an excellent product for adventure travelers, that just so happens to also have the ability to repel insects. These pants come equipped with pockets in the traditional places on the front and back, as well as a zipped security pocket inside the left front pocket. There is also a drop in gadget pocket located on the front leg that is ideal for keeping your smartphone close at hand. Roll-up snaps allow you to alter the length of the trousers on warm days too, although these are so breathable that I haven't had to do that just yet. These pants are comfortable and highly packable too, making them a welcome addition on any trip to a warm climate. 

BugsAway Impervio Crew ($60)
If you're in need of a comfortable travel shirt that also features some welcome technical capabilities, the Impervio Crew just might be what you're looking for. It is lightweight and extremely comfortable, while having the ability to both wick away moisture and dry quickly too. And since it also includes ExOffico's BugsAway coating, it'll also help keep you safe from buzzing, biting, or generally annoying insects too. I like this shirt so much that I don't just wear it when I'm traveling, but when I'm at home as well. It has casual good looks that make it just as comfortable in a local restaurant as it is in the Outback. 

BugsAway Sandfly Jacket ($80)
Using very lightweight fabrics, the Sandfly Jacket is capable of offering plenty of coverage without causing the wearer to overheat. Made up of mesh and woven panels, the jacket includes a drawcord hood, adjustable hem, elastic sleeves that help to keep bugs away from your skin. And when you don't need to wear it, the entire garment packs into the left front security pocket for easy packing and transportation as well. 

Sol Cool Cryogen Shirt ($90)
Not a part of the BugsAway line-up, the Sol Cool Cryogen Shirt provides protection not from insects, but from the sun. Rated with a UPF 50 level of protection, this shirt has naturally cooling capabilities that make it a great choice for warm weather destinations. It features two back vents, two front pockets, and a zippered security pocket located on the chest. Made from fabrics infused with jade, you'll be impressed with how well this shirt performs. It is available in three colors, as well as plaid, and even short sleeves

This is just a small taste of the excellent travel clothing that ExOfficio process for both men and women. To get a full sense of their product line, visit ExOfficio.com

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