Las Vegas: Everything You Need To Know

Las Vegas is the greatest vacation destination on the planet! There I said it. I mean it as well. No caveats, not disclaimers and definitely no retreating from my statement. Yes, it may be a bit hyperbolic but when you figure the massive amounts of things to do versus the relatively low cost of traveling to sin city you will soon realize that you must be mad if you have not decided that Las Vegas has to be on your travel itinerary.

Each and every year millions of people visit Las Vegas and return year after year. Are you about to say that they are wrong? Is it possible that maybe these people might know something that you/we don’t?

If we were to examine Las Vegas on the surface you might bring up the 24 hour a day gambling opportunities that range from slot machines and black jack tables to poker tournaments and bingo halls. That is the obvious draw that has brought the visitors in increasing numbers to the Las Vegas strip for decades. However, visits have increased over the past twenty years at record levels so there must be a little bit more to the allure of Las Vegas. People are not gambling that much.

Let me introduce you to the Las Vegas of today. Modern day Las Vegas still has a gambling component but we have to talk about the world class restaurants and the booming nightlife industry and how can you forget about the luxury accommodations and unparalleled entertainment options?

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Zeke Quezada Guides You Through Las Vegas

Photo by Zeke Quezada

The question soon becomes, “What do I do in Las Vegas?”

It seems like everyday that someone asks me a question about Las Vegas. You see I’m a guide to Vegas. I’m what they call an expert. Yes, I’m that guy who eats and drinks and sleeps everywhere in Las Vegas. So, as you plan a trip to Las Vegas and you start thinking about buying a guide to Vegas why not just send me an email and do what everybody else does. “Hey Zeke, what is your favorite…” You get the idea, right? I'll answer, even if you catch me on a weekend, on holiday, with my family. Really, I will.

Maybe you don’t feel like sending me an email and instead you just need a quick guide to Vegas to get your ideas flowing for your next Vegas vacation.

Fair enough.

This guide to Las Vegas is all about quick and to the point, so let's get to it.

You can click through to the next page . Down below is a brief explanation of what you can expect in Las Vegas.

The Quick Guide to Las Vegas Hotels

No matter what you seek when looking for a hotel for your vacation, Las Vegas has it all. Luxury hotels with every imaginable amenity are in abundance on the Las Vegas strip but so are budget minded properties that you far more than you can ever imagine for the price. Go ahead and com pare a standard room in Las Vegas against any other travel destination and you will quickly realize that a Las Vegas hotel that is considered cheap will still have far more available amenities than almost any other comparable destination. A budget hotel in Las Vegas looks a lot like a luxury hotel in most other cities.

The Quick Guide to Las Vegas Restaurants

Can you find another city with a such a high concentration of great chefs as there are in Las Vegas? Well, yes, you probably can but can you find them all in such close proximity with the ability to get a table on any given night? Las Vegas not only has a lot of talented chefs it also has plenty of restaurants that allow for an easier time making the tough reservation. The big food cities might have a few well know names in the kitchen but Las Vegas has all of the well known names in the restaurant world. If you are a foodie or a culinary adventurer you will be more than satisfied in Las Vegas.

The Quick Guide to Las Vegas Shows

If you just mentioned the Cirque du Soleil shows you could already make a claim for some of the best entertainment options around but when you factor in touring headliners and residencies by some impressive performers you start to realize that you cannot get entertainment like this in any other town but Las Vegas. You want magic or comedy or adult revues or even just plain old live music? Las Vegas has more of it than any other spot on the planet. (Sit down New York, I know what you are going to try to say, I'm not buying it)

The Quick Guide to Las Vegas Attractions

There is no need for you to race off to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Statue of Liberty in NYC or even a pyramid in the Middle East. Why would you when you could travel to the Las Vegas strip and also catch a ride on a gondola, an observation wheel high in the sky as well as be able to visit some very impressive natural wonders all on one trip. Las Vegas has so many options when it comes to attractions and things to do that you are almost forced to take multiple trips just

The Guide to Vegas Nightlife

Nightlife is huge in Las Vegas and we are not really talking just about night clubs. Yes, Las Vegas has plenty of spots to dance until the sun comes up but the bars and cocktail lounges that dot the strip are so impressive that you will find a new spot each and every time you crawl Las Vegas blvd. looking for a drink. Cocktail programs, craft beers, wine havens they are exist for you to spend your evenings mingling and getting your own version of Vegas in to your memory bank.

The Guide to Las Vegas Spas

When you need to relax you will be so stressed out about wanting to make the right choice on a spa and a spa treatment that you'll have to book another just to help you ease the anxiety. Eucalyptus steams, salt scrubs, mud baths and plenty of fingers to rub you into complete submission await you in Las Vegas.

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The Quick Guide to Las Vegas Hotels

Zeke Quezada

There are plenty of options for hotels in Las Vegas and if you need it you can find it in Las Vegas. I’ll give you a look at five hotels that I really enjoy right now but the truth is there are so many options at all the hotels that I always have a difficult time selecting just one hotel as the very best.

  • Cosmopolitan - Make sure to grab a meal at Momofuku and some pizza at D.O.C.G. If there is a show at the pool you’ll have more fun than you thought you could have at a pool. Drinks at Level 1.5 are a must.
  • Bellagio Las Vegas - If I’m at the Bellagio I’m having a meal at Le Cirque, drinks at Lily Lounge and standing out front and watching the fountains. I would probably be checking out some art and walking through the gardens.
  • Palazzo - After a drink at Fusion Bar I’ll have me a burger at slice at Grimaldis and think about steak at Carnevino. I’ll stay on the Prestige level and I’ll probably dance deep into the night at TAO
  • Caesars Palace The Garden of the Gods is an impressive pool space that will keep you busy most of the day but when you are done make sure to check out Absinthe, have some meatloaf at Spago or a Meatball at Roa's andthen a drink and a cigar at Montecristo.
  • Vdara Hotel and Spa – If you ever leave the rooms that tempt you to relax too much have a drink downstairs at Vice Versa and celebrate the idea of a boutique hotel right on the Las Vegas strip
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The Quick Guide to Las Vegas Restaurants

Zeke Quezada

I’ll admit to you that eat way too much. People rarely call me fat but I know that I’m a little round around the middle. With so many great Restaurants in Las Vegas how can you blame me. These are a few that I am currently enamored with but the truth is I’ll be changing my mind again real soon simply because I’m still eating.

If that is not enough you can use the 100 Restaurants in Las Vegas list to point you in the right direction.

  • Carlos ‘n Charlies - Go to the back patio and order a margarita and the ceviche. After that do some simple tacos and you’ll both have a good time and a fun meal.
  • Public House Venetian - I love beer and I love their poutine. Don’t have their burger even of people tell you it’s amazing, have the poutine and a beer you have never heard of.
  • Carnevino - This is the pinnacle of the steakhouse experience. The beef will change your life.
  • Head to MGM Las Vegas and dine at Morimoto for the meal of a lifetime. Japanese cuisine has never been so great.
  • Bardot at Aria will dazzle you with fantastic French flavors.
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The Quick Guide to Las Vegas Shows

Cirque Du Soleil

Las Vegas does entertainment better than anyone else. That’s right I said it. Broadway, you take a back seat to what is available on the Las Vegas strip.

  • Absinthe - You’ll laugh because you are uncomfortable and then you’ll laugh because of the acts. You’ll be shocked, you’ll be impressed and you’ll be entertained.
  • Blue Man Group - Work on your rock star moves because the Blue Man Group will have you pumping your fist and playing your air guitar.
  • Mystere - Another Cirque show is coming to Las Vegas very soon but Mystere is where it all began and it is still one of my favorites. Amaze yourself.
  • Jeff Civillico - The show is affordable, funny, clever and the entertainer will have you engaged the entire time. Juggling, laughing and very clever.
  • LOVE - Plenty of people say LOVE is the best show in Las Vegas. I cannot argue, it is impressive, moving and among the very best anywhere.
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The Quick Guide to Las Vegas Attractions

Photo by Luke Quezada

You can fly, dive, jump, drive or just sit back and enjoy. Las Vegas has plenty of attractions that will satisfy any one wanting to be thrilled or shocked. You want relaxation or thrills? Here are a few of the attractions that I have been excited about lately.

As you plan your trip to Las Vegas and you consider tours and attractions compare prices with If your looking for shows you can also try Best of Vegas. Take a look at what they are offering and if it suits you, you can easily save a few dollars.

  • The LINQ Las Vegas - This entertainment district offers plenty of options for food, drink and nightlife all within the shadow of the High Roller the giant observation wheel that will give you epic views of the Las Vegas valley.
  • Exotics Racing - Driving real expensive cars is fun but drifting in a car as a professional driver takes you out o the track is better. Make sure to get a picture of yourself near one of the cars just so that you can update your Facebook profile.
  • Mavericks Helicopter - The Las Vegas strip from high above looks fabulous at night and a trip over the desert in a helicopter is the best way to see Southern Nevada.
  • Mob Attraction - Interact with real actors as you learn so much about how the mob played a part in Las Vegas history.
  • Smith Center for the Performing Arts Culture in Las Vegas? Yes, you can see a real show and it is not on the strip.
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The Guide to Vegas Nightclubs

Zeke Quezada

Whatever you have heard about Las Vegas nightclubs be sure to believe it. Yes, it does get wild and yes everyone seems to look hot.

Check prices on Las Vegas nightlife packages and then compare prices on nightclub passes in Las Vegas. Patience will save you money.

  • Marquee at Cosmopolitan - Imagine loud music, pretty people and barely any place to move. Yeah, and you’ll have the time of your life.
  • XS at Encore - One day I’ll dance on the edge of the pool and “accidentally” slip in.
  • Hyde Las Vegas - The view of the fountains and the modern feel of Hyde will make this a favorite spot.
  • Hakkasan Nightclub at MGM Grand - Multi-level, sensory spectacle mega club that offers a little bit of everything and a lot of Vegas in a nightclub.
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The Guide to Las Vegas Spas

Relax! That is what Las Vegas is really about.

  • Bellagio Spa - Relax in luxury. It feels so good you just might double book a skin exfoliation.
  • Qua Baths and Spa - Get rubbed down with coffee grounds. Yes, you heard me, coffee.
  • Canyon Ranch Spa - Spinning class or 90 minute massage or rock climbing?
  • Spa Mandalay - Massage, head massage, facial, hands, feet, head and then a long sweat in the sauna. Yes, sign me up.
  • Aria Spa - Tiny sacks of Thai spice heated up and placed on your back. If that does not do it for you, there is something seriously wrong.
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The Guide to Las Vegas Bars

Zeke Quezada

In case you didn’t know, cocktails may be a big part of your Las Vegas fun. Here is where would go but by all means check out these 77 places to have a drink and you might find your own favorites.

After all is said and done and you have researcher exactly what you want to do, see and experience use these resources to compare prices. If all you really want is a place to find good deals and be able to compare prices use these links below to go straight to finding the best prices.

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