Events in Spain in June

Calendar of Festivals and Ferias in Spain this Month

Hogueras de San Juan in Bayona, Galicia
Image: Elentir/Creative Commons (Some Rights Reserved)

When I'm planning a trip around Spain, I always look at the calendar first. Spain is renowned for its parties. There are somber religious and historic festivals, there are religious and historic festivals where the sacred is long forgotten and its now just about partying, and there are fiestas that are unashamedly just about the partying. On this page you'll find the biggest events to head for if you're visiting Spain in June.

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Where are the Best Events in Spain in June?

  1. Barcelona
    For Pride BarcelonaSonar Festival and the Feast of Sant Joan
  2. Madrid
    For Suma Flamenca and PHoto España
  3. Granada
    Fiesta del Agua y Jamon (the Water and Ham Festival) in nearby Lanjaron and Festival Internacional de Musica y Danza

List of Events in Spain in June

    • Early June
      Event: San Isidro bullfighting season
      Where? Madrid
      What? Daily bullfighting in Madrid for the San Isidro festival Book tickets for bullfights in Madrid or see the full Bullfighting Schedule for Madrid

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    • Late May or Early June
      Event: Classic Bus Rally
      Where? Barcelona to Caldes de Montbui
      What? Vintage buses from around the world race through Catalonia.
    • June to August
      Event PHoto España (the capitalised 'H' is intentional)
      Where? Madrid
      What? Spain's biggest photography exhibition.
    • Every Sunday in June
      Event: Bullfighting
      Where? Madrid.
      What? Regular weekly bullfighting. Book tickets for bullfights in Madrid or see the full Bullfighting Schedule for Madrid.
    • Some time in June (TBC)
      Event: Mediona craft beer festival
      Where? Sant Joan de Mediona, near Barcelona
      What? Celebration of artesanal beers made by local Spanish microbreweries.
    • Late June 
      Event: Algeciras fair
      Where? Algeciras on the south coast.
      What? Local festivities.
    • Thursday after Trinity Sunday (date varies each year)
      Event: Corpus Christi.
      Where? All over Spain.
      What? Traditional religious festival, but in Castrillo de Murcia they hold the Colacho Baby-Jumping Festival (date of Colacho TBC). Read about El Colacho.

    • Late June
      Event: Pride Barcelona 
      Where? Barcelona
      What? Barcelona's Gay Pride. The main days of the event are from June 27 to 29.

    • June 20-24
      Event: Feast of Sant Joan/Sant Juan
      Where? Popular throughout Spain but particularly in Lalín in Galicia, Palamós and Roses in Girona, Barcelona, Alicante and Gran Canaria
      What? A celebration of the longest day of the year.
    • Mid- to Late June
      Event: Cinema Jove International Film Festival
      Where? Valencia
      What? Youth cinema festival.
    • Late June - Early July
      Event: International Festival of Music and Dance
      Where? Granada
      What? A celebration of flamenco and classical music that attracts some excellent musicians.
    • June 23-25
      Event: Fiesta del Agua y Jamon
      Where? Lanjarón, in the Alpujarras region near Granada
      What? Water and Ham Festival, the town's two most famous exports. The water festival is just an excuse for a giant water fight. Revellers from all over the country take to the streets with buckets and water pistols. Then they feast on locally-produced ham. A novel event that is worth a visit.