Festivals and Events in Germany in February

Find out What to Do in Germany in February

Traveling to Germany in February?
Find out what annual events and festivals take place during your vacation in Germany; from international films, and cutting-edge video art, to the colorful festivities of carnival, there are many things to keep you entertained in Germany in February.

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    The transmediale is an international festival for contemporary art and digital culture in Berlin; it hosts a large number of exhibitions, panel discussions, performances, and video screenings, and takes place in the futuristic building of the House of World Cultures.

    When: January 31 - February 5, 2014
    Where: House of World Cultures, Berlin

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    If you love motor sports, speed to one of the largest motorcycle fairs in Germany. In Leipzig, enthusiasts can discover the latest bikes and gear from all over the world and watch some great performances on two wheels.

    When: January 31 - 2, 2014
    Where: Leipzig (Saxony), Exhibition Center

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    The lavish Semper Opera in Dresden opens its doors for a grand ballroom night: Put on your ball gowns and tuxedos for this extraordinary music and dance event, which will be opened by debutantes from all over Germany. This luxurious evening has its price, but you can also join thousands of locals and waltz under the stars at the free open-air ball, which takes place on the historic square right outside the Opera building.

    When: February 7, 2014
    Where: Semper Opera, Dresden

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    The Berlin International Film Festival, the "Berlinale", is the city's largest cultural event: Get ready for 10 days packed with movies, stars, glamour, and parties. With 200,000 tickets sold and over 400 films from all over the world, the Berlinale is one of the largest film events in Europe.

    When: February 6 - 16, 2014
    Where: Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

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    Join the colorful celebrations, street parades, and costume balls of the German carnival, Karneval or Fasching, the last big party before the lent begins on Ash Wednesday.

    When: February 19-23, 2014
    Where: every German city; the biggest festivities are in Cologne, Münster, Düsseldorf, Aachen, and Mainz

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    Enjoy the vibe of the "Golden Twenties" in Dessau, the birthplace of German composer Kurt Weill (The Three Penny Opera). The city celebrates Weill with a week-long music festival, and the famous Bauhaus buildings are the ideal stage for Weill's compositions.

    When: February 21 - March 9, 2014
    Where: Anhaltisches Theater, Dessau