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River view of Castel Sant Angelo
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    Cruise Maps

    Map of Europe
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    Cruise maps are very useful in planning a European river cruise. Many times travelers are planning a trip to a specific city, but don't know whether it is located on a navigable river or can be explored as an extension to a river cruise.

    As Europe was settled, cities and towns were built along the rivers, and today's river cruises enable travelers to see some of the great capitals of Europe, including Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, Moscow, and Bucharest. In addition to the European capitals, river cruises stopover in medieval villages and fascinating towns along the way. On European river cruises, guests usually visit smaller ports of call than on ocean ships. This provides more opportunities to interact with local citizens and explore rural areas and spectacular natural wonders near the rivers.

    River cruise itineraries sail across Europe between the Black Sea and the North Sea, using the Danube, Main, and Rhine Rivers or portions of these rivers. Other river ships sail either the Seine or the Rhone and Saone Rivers in France, the Moselle and Elbe Rivers in Germany, the Douro River in Portugal, the Po River in Italy or the Vistula or Oder Rivers of Poland. Spring river cruises feature the tulips of the Netherlands and Belgium. Moreover, river ships sail between St. Petersburg, Moscow, and the Black Sea on the rivers and waterways of Russia.

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    Austria River Cruise Map

    Austria - European River Cruise Map
    CIA Factbook

    Austria is located on the Danube River, and Vienna is a port of call for ships sailing between Budapest and Amsterdam or between Budapest and Nuremberg or Passau on shorter voyages. The Wachau Valley on the Danube is one of the river's most scenic places, and Melk is a quaint town with a spectacular Abbey. Some river cruises also stopover in Linz so that guests can travel by bus to Salzburg, home of the "Sound of Music". 

    River cruises stopover in Austria between April and mid-December. Visiting the Christmas markets on the Danube is a cruise that should be on everyone's bucket list.

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    Belgium River Cruise Map

    Belgium Cruise Map
    CIA Factbook

    Spring tulip cruises sailing from Amsterdam and the Netherlands often stopover in Belgium. Brussels, Brugge, Antwerp, and Ghent can all be visited on a European river or waterways cruise. 

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    Bulgaria River Cruise Map

    Bulgaria - European River Cruise Map
    CIA Factbook

    Danube River cruises sailing in eastern Europe visit many towns in Bulgaria, including

    Ports of call in eastern Europe are fascinating and are often much less packed with tourists than countries in western Europe.

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    Croatia River Cruise Map

    Croatia Cruise Map - European River Cruise Map
    CIA Factbook

    The Danube River separates Croatia and Hungary. Although Croatia is a major Mediterranean cruise port, some eastern European river cruises include Danube River Croatian ports.

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    Czech Republic River Cruise Map

    Czech Republic Map
    CIA Factbook

    Elbe River cruises venture into the Czech Republic, and the country is sometimes included on shore excursions from Danube River cruises.

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    France River Cruise Map

    France Cruise Map - European River Cruise Map
    CIA Factbook

    River cruise ships in France sail the Seine River from Paris to Normandy, the rivers of the Bordeaux region in southwest France, or the Rhone and Saone Rivers of southern France and Provence.

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    Germany River Cruise Map

    Germany Cruise Map
    CIA Factbook

    Germany is included on many European river cruises, including the Danube, Main, Rhine, and Elbe Rivers.

    Ports of call in Germany:

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    Hungary Cruise Map

    Hungary Map
    CIA Factbook

    Danube River cruises almost always include Budapest as a port of call. Cruise ships sailing eastern Europe also stop for the​ horse show at a ranch on the Puszta near ​Kalocsa

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    Netherlands Cruise Map

    Netherlands Map
    CIA Factbook

    Spring tulip cruises are very popular in the Netherlands, and Rhine River cruises are excellent in the spring, summer, and fall.

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    Poland Cruise Map

    Poland Cruise Map
    CIA Factbook

    The Vistula and Oder Rivers in Poland both feature river cruises.

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    Portugal Cruise Map

    Portugal Cruise Map
    CIA Factbook

    Portugal has many Atlantic Ocean cruises. In addition, river cruise ships sail the Douro River of northern Portugal. These cruises feature spectacular river scenery and the opportunity to learn more about port wine. The tastings are fun, too!

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    Romania Map

    Romania Map
    CIA Factbook

    Danube River cruises in eastern Europe include ports of call in Romania such as Bucharest. In addition, Black Sea cruises sometimes stopover in Romania.

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    Russia Cruise Map

    Russia Cruise Map
    CIA Factbook

    River cruises sail Russian waterways between St. Petersburg and Moscow and between Moscow and the Black Sea.​

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    Serbia Map

    Serbia Map
    CIA Factbook

    Danube River cruises usually stop in Belgrade, Serbia's capital. River ships also visit the archaeological site of Viminacium and sail through the Iron Gates.

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    Slovakia Map

    Slovakia Map
    CIA Factbook

    Cruise ships sailing the Danube River often include Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, as a port of call.

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    Eastern Europe Map

    Eastern Europe Map
    CIA Factbook

    Danube River cruises between Budapest and the Black Sea sail in eastern Europe as do Elbe River cruises between Prague and Berlin.