European Delivery Programs Lead to Budget Travel

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European Delivery programs allow people to buy new cars and take European trips at the same time. It's not just for the wealthy. In fact, many budget travelers take these offers. Some companies offer airfare and accommodations, as well as free use of the car to take a trip across Europe. At the end, the car is dropped off, shipped to the traveler's home country and delivered a second time.

It all sounds great, but this option simply doesn't work for every budget traveler. You might balk at the car model offered, and the procedure has drawbacks and plenty of fine print, which varies by the automaker.

But if you find a car you like and it is manufactured somewhere in Europe, check to see if the maker has a European Delivery program thatĀ could work for your travel budget.

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    General Information

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    Take a look at how European Delivery works for budget travelers. These programs aren't always the best option. For example, you don't want to choose a new car solely because the model is eligible for a European Delivery program. If the car is wrong in every other way, you'll regret the purchase and your travel memories might sour. But if you'd buy the model in your home country regardless of the travel incentives, it's time to take a closer look at how this works. That also means looking at other potential fees and fine print.

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    The Audi European Delivery program is popular.
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    Based in Ingolstadt, Germany, Audi is among the newest companies to offer European Delivery. One of the most popular features of the program is Audi allows you to end your European trip in one of 14 cities and there is no drop-off fee for any of these locations.

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    The BMW European Delivery program is popular.
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    As the name of the company implies, Bavarian Motor Works always starts its European Delivery program in Munich. But there is an array of geographic options for drop-off and shipment: 20 locations in seven European nations (but please note that eight Italian locations require hefty drop-off fees).

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    The Mercedes-Benz European Delivery program is popular.
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    Mercedes offers two packages: the Standard Package, and the Black Forest-Alps Rally. Both include lodging at selected hotels, 15 days of European road insurance, ground transportation to/from drop-off points, and ocean shipping.

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    The Porsche European Delivery program is popular.
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    From its factory near Stuttgart, Porsche offers 15 drop-off locations throughout Europe. Porsche also offers a Travel Club that schedules road tours throughout Europe. Read more about the popular Porsche program for European Delivery.

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    The Volvo European Delivery program is popular.
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    Volvo offers an eye-catching pair of free round-trip airfare to Sweden and one night in a Gothenburg hotel. Keep in mind this is a popular program, and its availability often is limited. You may only use the airfares when your car is ready for delivery.