European City Map with Driving Distances and Train Times

distances between popular European cities

 TripSavvy / Kaley McKean

Many people planning travel in Europe are confused by the distances between the major cities. I've prepared the map in this article to show the driving distances in miles, kilometers, and the rough train times you can expect to encounter when you travel between cities.

The top number in each box represents the distance in miles between the cities when taking the major roads. The second number represents the distance in kilometers, and the red number indicates the number of hours a regional train may take between cities - if it's on schedule.

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Countries shown in yellow on the map use the Euro (€), while countries in green use local currency (see our European Currency Quick Guide for more on the currency).

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Driving Distances and Train Journey Times

See distances and compare journey times for some of the most popular routes in Europe. 

From London

  • From London to Paris: 300miles/483km
    Driving: 5h30 Train: 2h
  • To Brussels: 226miles/364km
    Driving: 4h30 Train: 1h55
  • To Amsterdam: 331miles/533km
    Driving: 6h30 No direct train
  • To Barcelona: 930miles/1497km
    Driving: 15h30 No direct train
  • To Frankfurt: 475miles/764km
    Driving: 8h30 Train:5h45 (with change)
  • To Berlin: 680miles/1094km
    Driving: 11h45 Train:9h30 (with changes in Brussels and Cologne)
  • To Cologne: 365miles/587km
    Driving: 6h45 Train: 4h30 (with change in Brussels)
  • To Vienna: 914miles/1471km
    Driving: 15h30 Train:13h15 (with multiple changes)
  • To Milan: 815miles/1312km
    Driving: 13h Train:14h (with multiple changes)
  • To Rome: 1160miles/1867km
    Driving: 18h30 Train:21h (with multiple changes)

From Paris

  • To London: 300miles/483km
    Driving: 5h30 Train:2hkm​
  • To Brussels: 200miles/322km
    Driving: 3h20 Train:1h40
  • To Amsterdam: 315miles/507km
    Driving: 5h20 Train:3h20
  • To Barcelona: 643miles/1035km
    Driving: 10h Train: 6h30
  • To Frankfurt: 360miles/579km
    Driving: 5h45 Train: 4h30 (with change in Cologne)
  • To Berlin: 655miles/1054km
    Driving: 10h30 Train: 8h (change in Essen)
  • To Cologne: 310miles/499km
    Driving: 5h Train: 3h15
  • To Vienna: 770miles/1239km
    Driving: 12h Train: 10h30 (with several changes)
  • To Milan: 530miles/853km
    Driving: 8h30 Train:10h(with several changes)
  • To Rome: 882miles/1419km
    Driving: 14h Train: 13h (with several changes)

From Amsterdam

  • From Amsterdam to London: 331miles/533km
    Driving: 6h30 No direct train
  • From Amsterdam to Paris: 315miles/507km
    Driving: 5h20 Train: 3h20
  • From Amsterdam to Brussels: 125miles/201km
    Driving: 2h20 Train: 2h
  • From Amsterdam to Barcelona: 971miles/1563km
    Driving: 15h Train: 10h (with change in Paris)
  • From Amsterdam to Frankfurt: 275miles/443km
    Driving: 4h30 Train: 4h
  • From Amsterdam to Berlin: 400miles/644km
    Driving: 7h Train: 6h (with change in Hannover)
  • From Amsterdam to Cologne: 166miles/267km
    Driving: 2h50 Train: 2h30
  • From Amsterdam to Vienna: 713miles/1147km
    Driving: 11h30 Train: 12h
  • From Amsterdam to Milan: 670miles/1078km
    Driving: 11h20 Train: 14h (with change in Paris)
  • From Amsterdam to Rome: 1024miles/1648km
    Driving: 16h30 Train: 16h (with multiple changes)

From Frankfurt

  • From Frankfurt to London​​: 475miles/764km
    Driving: 8h30 Train:5h45 (with change)
  • From Frankfurt to Paris​: 360miles/579km
    Driving: 5h45 Train: 4h30 (with change in Cologne)
  • From Frankfurt to Brussels: 250miles/402km
    Driving: 5h Train: 3h
  • From Frankfurt to Barcelona: 830miles/1336km
    Driving: 13h Train: 17h (with multiple changes)
  • From Frankfurt to Amsterdam​​: 275miles/443km​​
    Driving: 4h30 Train: 4h
  • From Frankfurt to Berlin: 342miles/550km
    Driving: 5h30 Train: 4h45​
  • From Frankfurt to Cologne: 135miles/217km
    Driving: 2h20 Train: 1h​
  • From Frankfurt to Vienna: 450miles/724km
    Driving: 7h30 Train: 6h45​
  • From Frankfurt to Milan: 400miles/644km
    Driving: 7h30 Train: 9h (with multiple changes)​
  • From Frankfurt to Rome: 770miles/1239km
    Driving: 12h30 Train: 12h (with multiple changes)

From Berlin

  • From Berlin to London​​​: 680miles/1094km
    Driving:11h45 Train:9h30 (with changes in Brussels and Cologne)
  • From Berlin to Paris: 655miles/1054km
    Driving: 10h30 Train: 8h (change in Essen)
  • From Berlin To Brussels: 475miles/764km
    Driving: 7h30 Train 7h30 (change in Cologne)
  • From Berlin to Barcelona: 1160miles/1867km
    Driving: 18h Train: Very difficult.
  • From Amsterdam to Berlin: 400miles/644km
    Driving: 7h Train: 6h (with change in Hannover)
  • From Berlin to Frankfurt: 342miles/550km
    Driving: 5h30 Train: 4h45​
  • From Berlin to Cologne: 350miles/563km
    Driving: 6h Train: 5h
  • From Berlin to Vienna: 420miles/676km
    Driving: 7h20 Train: 14h (change in Munich)
  • From Berlin to Milan: 640miles/1030km
    Driving: 10h Train: Very difficult. 
  • From Berlin to Rome: 937miles/1508km
    Driving: Train: Very difficult.